Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Notebook

Hi!  I was at Walmart the other day looking for Halloween candy.  Mostly for us to eat, not give out.  Hahaha.  Well, no one comes to our house anyway.  But while I was there, I found this super cute mini composition book and thought I'd try to alter it.  Thinking if I should enter this one in the TGF Altered Notebook challenge too.  I've seen other blogs alter composition books but this is my first one.

The composition book measures 4.5 x 3.25 inches.  I cut 2 pieces of Doodlebug paper above to just fit the front and back.  I used TGF's Oh Boy! Ian.  He is such a cutie and such a versatile stamp.  Perfect for any project.  I wanted this one to be more boyish since I made the other notebook girly.  And both my boys love cars!  We must have a hundred at least.

I cut a strip of yellow cardstock that wasn't too stiff and rubbed on the sentiment and car (from Imaginisce).  Then just glued it on.  This was a fairly fast and simple project to do.

Here's the back.  My paper seems a bit short at the top.  I try to follow PTI's Nicole Heady's advice about leaving the paper bigger and trimming it after but when I do that it's crooked!  All her projects and ideas are always so perfect.

The size of this is just right for little kids.  So I left it fairly simple.  Plus I know it will get wasted soon enough.

This was an exciting week for me having won TGF's Old Skool challenge.  I haven't won anything that big before.  And thank you for all the sweet comments!  It makes crafting even more enjoyable.  Thanks especially to my co-blogger who takes the time in her busy life to comment!  Well, I have a couple more ideas in my head I have to work on.  I have been brainstorming these ideas for a while now and they are dying to get out.  Thanks for reading and have a great Aloha Friday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scribble & Handwriting Notebook

Hi.  This is a little notebook I made for TGF's Altered Notebook Challenge and Tamiko's Challenge.  I didn't really have a notebook around so I made my own.  It's mostly intended for my younger boys to scribble in or practice writing letters and words.  I know it is a girly cover but hey, my youngest pulls around a Hello Kitty bag with wheels so I don't think he'll mind.

I used Cute Troop Anya's head and placed it on Annika's body.  Paper is from Crate Paper's School Spirit.

For the inside, I printed out some handwriting paper from HERE.  I cut a sheet into fours and trimmed some white off so it's about 4.25 x 5.25 inches.  I used a serrated tracing wheel to make perforations on the top of each sheet so you can fold and tear it off.  I had read a tutorial on the Clearly iStamp blog but can't remember the specific project.

You just place the sheet on your score board and use the tracing wheel.

After scoring all the sheets I cut a little piece of cardstock and scored it.  I realized that if I took pictures while I was making my project I wouldn't need to write down the measurements.  I can just look at the pictures.  Plus usually I'm kind of lazy to write down specifics since lots of times I just make things by trial and error.  I waste a lot of paper this way.

Punch holes in the sheets and the top of the cardstock.  Not through the bottom of the cardstock.  I printed out 5 sheets of paper and so 20 quarter sheets in all.

I used baker's twine to tie sheets to the cardstock.

I made a second set of papers.  It is also 20 quarter sheets.  I used papers that my kids bring home from school like all the flyers and stuff.  I usually save the papers so my kids can use them as scratch paper.  I thought the kids could just draw pictures on this side.

I cut PTI kraft cardstock for the cover and scored a quarter inch from the center on both sides.  No picture of this so I'll probably forget.

Attached the bottom of the cardstock to the cover.  I used string to hold the papers together so hopefully it won't be difficult to remove and add more paper later.  You could probably fit more than 20 sheets at a time too.  I just didn't want to cut so much paper.  But it should be easy to adjust this project to make it larger or smaller.

Originally I was thinking brads to hold the papers.  Maybe that would work too.

Tied some baker's twine on the cover too.  Bought it from DCRU.  I couldn't remember what color I had ordered.  Isn't that bad?  Good thing I bought red.  Matches school themed things and Xmas too.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old Skool

Hi!  After about 3 nights, I'm finally done with this project.  I made a little TGF counting board book for the Old Skool challenge.  The challenge calls for using TGF's older stamps.  I haven't made any books since having to make 19 mini books for my son's preschool class.  The mini book making was originally inspired by Sunghee.  I was brainstorming some ideas and finally came down to this.

This book measures about 4.25 x 5 inches.  I used a rounded corner punch. 

I glued 7 strips of 5 x 8.5 inches of PTI kraft cardstock together.  I wrapped another piece of kraft cardstock around it for the cover and glued the cute farm doodlebug paper over that.  It was a lot of gluing!  I used a make up sponge to spread the glue around.  I'm not a make up kind of girl so I have lots of make up sponges.  And it does help to look at a real board book to see how to put this together.

I used the Hope and Grace set.  This is "1 girl."

Two horses.

Three cows.  Do cows have horns?  Are they bulls?

Four pigs.

Five hens. 

Animals are from TGF's McSplendid Farm set.  I love these little animals!  So cute!  I kept the pages pretty simple.  Just used American Crafts number stickers in the corners.  Didn't want to over do it.

All the flower paper is from Wild Rose Studio.  The polka dot paper is from PTI's 2009 Bitty Dot Basics set.  So this was a lot of stamping, cutting, coloring and gluing but my kids love it!  I do too.  I'm thinking about giving it away as a gift, maybe for Xmas.  But I'm so cautious of who to give it to.  I've made handmade gifts before and sometimes people aren't that appreciative about it.  Happy news is that a lot of the parents from my son's preschool class loved the little mini books I made for them.  That was nice of them to say.

Well, thanks for reading this long post.  Have a great day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fat taj Stamps

Just wanted to share a quick post of the cards my daughter made.  We bought these cute taj stamps at a stamp expo.  My hubby used them as thank you cards.  They are really cute!

These taj characters are rounder and fatter so my daughter just fell in love with them.  Hopefully we can find the other characters like the bear.  They didn't have any at the expo or the store.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

That's My Daughter

Hi, I made this card last night. I was lucky enough to win this cute digi from Karber Digital Images.  She reminds me of my daughter--the pink glasses, purple crocs and that look when she knows she can eat a cupcake!  That's what she looked like when we ate lunch (just the two of us) at Genki Sushi the other week.  We were surprised that they had cupcakes and curly fries along with sushi.  Interesting combo, huh?

This digi is called Cupcake Leslie.  I put some stickles on her cupcake.

The flower is made from PTI felt and dies.  Buttons and the note paper die are also from PTI.

I'll be entering this card in 3 challenges this week.  That is a record for me.

There is a recipe challenge over at ACLP.  I had to use one flower, 2 designer papers and 3 buttons.  That's part of the reason it took me so long last night to make this card.  I just couldn't decide where to put those elements on the card.  I knew I wanted to use the papers I picked.  I decided to just use a strip of the cupcake paper on the bottom of the note paper die.  The hardest was deciding where to put the flower and buttons but finally I placed them in the corner along with the scalloped corner to try to balance everything out.

Color Me Copics also has a straight hair tutorial.  And I can honestly say that I watched the video.  It was so informative.  I should watch the videos more often.  So I tried the technique on this digi since she has such a big hair space.  I'm not sure if the contrast shows much.  I only have 3 brown copic pens.  I have to practice this more.

I'll also enter this in the Karber Challenge Girl Card.

I made this card to give to my daughter on her birthday but she already caught a peek of it this morning.  It's hard to hide things from your kids when they start getting older.  Must go now.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

If We Were Ducks

If we were a duck family, I want us to be just like the ducks on this Rachelle Anne Miller stamp.

I used this stamp on a scrapbook layout about family.  I'm planning on entering it in Lollipop Crafts "All About Family" Challenge.  I love these ducks but I don't think they matched too well with my overall page.  But they are so us, so I had to fit them in somehow. 

I used paper from My Little Shoebox.  I made a little house to frame our Disneyland picture.  I wanted it to match the little houses with the scallop rooftops on the paper.  I used PTI's largest scallop die and also the cloud dies.  I had a hard time deciding where to put the clouds to make them look "natural."

I used PTI's Tabs stamp set for the scallop details.  The hearts I punched out and glued to the scallops and from the chimney.  The hearts from the chimney was inspired by one of PTI's stamp sets called Wonderfully Whimsical.  I had to blur out my hubby's pic.  He wishes to be totally anonymous.

It's late now and lots to do tomorrow so I better get to sleep.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crochet Sun Hat

Hi!  I crocheted this little sun hat a couple hours at a time over 3 days.  It was a pretty simple pattern.  I found it over at Lion Brand Yarn's website.  I think I crochet kind of slowly.  I'm sure experienced people can make this in a couple hours.  I once saw an elderly woman crocheting at a bus stop and she wasn't even looking at her hands or the yarn, just staring down the road for the bus.  I'm not like that.  I count every stitch and more than once too to make sure I'm following the pattern correctly and even then I might make a mistake here and there.  I am happy with the way this turned out.

It's a little roomy for my 2 year old.  I think he likes it.

Took a little break from card making.  Thinking about all the new stamps that came out at PTI.   Then there are the new RAM stamps coming out at Paper Works Co. on Friday.  So many cute stamps!  To buy or not to buy ...

That is it for tonight.  Thanks for reading and have a good Thursday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pleats and Ruffles

Hi!  Here's my card for CA&F Whatcha Tootin' About Wednesdays.  The tutorial was about creating pleats and ruffles with ribbon.  And again, as with the curly hair video tutorial, I opted not to view the tutorial til after I made this card.  It really is out of laziness and I'm not patient enough to wait for the video.

I used Fleur Anya's body and Dress Me Anya's head.  I made ruffles around the circle.

I also made a little ribbon flower and attached a rhinestone to it.

Before I attached Anya's head and body, I wrapped a little ruffled ribbon shawl around her.  I folded the ribbon lengthwise and sewed the two edges together.  Then I pulled the thread slightly just to get it to ruffle.  It was like playing dress up with paper dolls.  Paper is from PTI and I've had the ribbon around for years.  I used to buy all sorts of ribbon but not for card making.  I really loved wrapping gifts and had tons of wrapping paper and ribbon.

I thought I could participate in one more CA&F challenge this week but it wasn't meant to be.  My daughter is involved with so many activities now that she is older.  It is hard to keep up.  But I'm happy she's involved and learning things I never did when I was her age.

Thanks for reading and hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cuddle Anya Circle Card

Hi again!  Made another card last night for CA&F Saturday's Sketch.

It's my first circle card.  And the first time I used all of Cuddle Anya.  I used her little hat as a template for Mickey ears before.  Cuddle Anya is so cute!  I love her bear and her hat.  I'm really happy that my circle card also stands on it's own without rolling over or anything.  I cut the circle with my largest circle nestability.  Before I used Coluzzle to make shapes.  I still have a whole bunch of Coluzzle things, mostly the puzzle pieces cut outs.  All paper is from Wild Rose Studio that I bought from All That Scraps.  Wild Rose Studio also has the cutest bear stamps (Milton).

I tried making the bear with curly hair or at least give it some texture.  I had seen over at Color Me Copic, Amy Young had a tutorial on how to color curly hair with copics.  Being somewhat lazy and impatient, I didn't look at the video but just figured I try it first.  Hahaha.  I don't think it turned out too bad.  Maybe I should watch the video.

Anyway, I may try to make another card tonight too.  I have to get all this challenge stuff out of my system first.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Eyed Monster

Hi!  I made a card!  Yay!! It's been a while.  I made this last night using the sketch from A Crafty Little Place.  I missed doing all these challenges. 

My card uses the Tiny Treats Halloween set from PTI.  The monster is so cute.  My 2 year old covers one of his eyes and says "one eye monster."  The paper is also from PTI's Halloween set.  The die cut shape is a PTI die and matches the stamp from the set.  There are a lot of cute little Halloween images and sentiments in this set.  I kept this card pretty simple.  I cut the circle out with my nestability and popped it up a little.

I'm also planning to enter this card in the Karber Challenge Boy Card

Thanks for reading and having a great day!