Friday, August 1, 2014

upcycling Pokemon wrappers

Hello everyone!  I am back with my latest sewing creations.  I have been playing around with plastic wrappers!  I've seen those upcycled plastic wrap bags and purses (usually made from Capri Sun package juice) but never really paid attention to them or how they were made until I saw this tutorial using the wrappers from Pokemon cards.  My boys love Pokemon cards and were just throwing the wrappers away but I started saving them and collected enough from their recent birthdays to make a couple of items. 

Here is a little coin pouch (didn't want to call it a purse since it's for my youngest boy and he'd probably not like that).  This little pouch was made with 4 wrappers, 2 in front and 2 in back.  It is a bit tough to turn right side out because the wrappers and contact paper get stiff.  But it's possible and looks really neat!  I made it so he could hang it from the inside of his backpack and also carry around a little bit of emergency cash.  I always have my kids carry some cash just in case I can't pick them up for some reason or other.  A few years ago there was some really bad traffic from an accident or some police chase and parents were stuck on the road.  This was not during school hours or might have been right when school got out so a few children were literally stranded for a few hours.  I heard stories that some children walked across the street to McDonald's and didn't get picked up until dinner time.  In any case, it's good to have a plan, and maybe a phone and cash during emergencies.

Here is a larger pouch.  It took 16 wrappers total!  See, we have too many Pokemon cards!

I kind of messed up the handle on this one though and didn't put it the right way so ended up cutting it off.  Oh well, it still looks pretty good. 

Now, I have my kids saving all sorts of wrappers!  It's amazing how many things can be sewed together like this.  The humbug part is washing all the food wrappers really clean. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lynn said...

Wow! Really spectacular! My sons were Pokemon fans too and would have loved it if I had made them a pouch way back in the day when they collected the cards. Your son is super lucky! Keep up the creative sewing and continue to share your projects with your blog readers.

Leanne said...

ok, get out of town!! These are so cool!! Your kids are so lucky to have a crafty creative mama. I'll have to check out the tutorial as I have some things that I'd like to upcycle too!! Way cool Eva!
Happy Friday!

Rachel Parys said...

Smartest idea ever!!!!!! Love these Eva!!

Denice said...

Now you're just showing off! This is absolutely adorable and such a great guy case! Kuddos!

eunice said...

Wow!!!! This is SO SUPER COOL! And I'm sure your son thinks so too. Better keep on saving those wrappers because I'll bet the moms of every kid in your son's school will be begging you to make one for them!

Cheryl said...

So neat!! Never thought used wrappers could be turned into something so useful!

PaperBunnie said...

Oh my, these are so cool! My son has recently gotten obsessed with Pokemon cards. He would be ecstatic I made one of these for him. Unfortunately I don't know how to sew and do not have a sewing machine! TFS!