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all occasion tags

Hello!  I have more tags to share today.  I kept these simple too to be used on most any occasion.  They have no sentiments on them.

I used MFT's cute Birdie Brown Bitty Bears stamp set.  These were on my wish list for a while and I kept going back and forth about purchasing them especially because I wanted the dies to cut them out too and those were very expensive!  Geez, remember the old days when we used to fussy cut everything out by hand?

This is the next 6 tags.  There's also a cute bear with a Santa hat that I didn't include in the photos.  This was a pretty quick project since I kept the bears white!  Not much coloring on these tags but they are still cute and colorful.

I thought I was going to be doing more stamping but I've actually gone on to crochet more!  I've made 3 more crochet projects that I'll share soon.  Sometimes I do get the urge to color something but these days it's so much easier to pick up some yarn and my hook and crochet.  And th…

spring tags

Hello everyone!  Wow, I know everyone says this and I say it all the time but the months are just flying by.  I feel like we just started January and now it's mid-March.  I also feel like I haven't been creating much.  I do feel like I've been cleaning the house way more!  I don't like that.  But literally, I think I have been cleaning something every day!  It's either vacuuming, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms or something.  Ugh!  And then it's cooking cooking cooking!  And then it's the dishes!  Sometimes I would just not like to clean or cook anything for one complete day.  Maybe just craft all day? 

I did get a chance to finish these tags using Mama Elephant's Little Bunny Agenda stamps.  I love this little size.  And because I went with white bunnies, I didn't have to do much coloring!

This is the reverse side of the tag.  The tags are dies from Mama Elephant as well.  These tags would make super cute shaker tags.  I love the pretty s…

nuts and bolts

Hello!  Today I'll be sharing the last amigurumi I made during my crochet frenzy.  I haven't been crocheting much recently except for this one little project I'm kind of procrastinating with.  I really do love this last one because I think it came out really cute.

This is a little crocheted robot designed by Bubblegum Belles.  You can find the pattern HERE.  Sometimes I purchase the patterns especially if they are really cute.  But a lot of designers do list their patterns for free too on their blogs so I always check to see if they have a blog or not.  It's also important to read their pattern listing too if you are purchasing to see whether they are for personal use or also for commercial use. 

Here is a different view of him.  Happy that he is able to sit on his bottom.  I actually cut out 2 felt hearts using a heart die, blanket stitched them together, and then hot glued the heart to the robot.  I tried stitching one heart directly onto the robot but it was hard to…

Happy Purr-thday

Hello!  Just a quick stop in today to share a cute amigurumi kitten.

I crocheted this using a pattern by Sarah Sloyer.  You can find the pattern HERE.  The trickiest part were the ears but she has a video tutorial which really helps.

I really like the profile of this kitty.  He looks so plump!

And I like the stripes on his back and the tail too.

I stamped a punny cat tag for this kitty too.  The stamps are from MFT.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy to be stuck with you

Hello all!  I still have a few more amigurumi to share.  See, I have been crocheting more!  It's been keeping my hands busy.  

Here is a kawaii cactus I crocheted from a pattern by Super Cute Design.  I actually got the pattern for the cactus bunnies but decided not to put the bunny ears and face on the pot.  Instead, I added facial features to the cactus.  The cactus bunnies are cute but I do love the face on the cactus too.  I added this skinny tag that I stamped with a sentiment from My Favorite Things.

This cactus is so sweet and fits in the palm of my hand.  I used Lion Brand's 24/7 cotton yarn except for the flower on top which is acrylic yarn, I think probably from Red Heart yarn.

I have two more crocheted projects to share.  Hopefully I'll post about them soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

crochet pineapple purse

Hello!  I know I have been sharing lots of crocheted projects lately.  I have been crocheting more than card making but I think I'll be making more cards soon to stock up my shop again.  I have a lot of stamps that have yet to be used!  I think I may need to do another destash sale. 

Today I have a kawaii pineapple purse to share made from a pattern by Stephanie from All About Ami.  The pineapple purse pattern is HERE.  Stephanie has some of the best patterns in crochet blogland.  I love that she takes the time to photo some of her crocheting steps because it makes the pattern that much clearer especially when it can get confusing about where to place your next stitch.

Took a photo after I crocheted part of the pineapple and placed the eyes, mouth and some pink cheeks.  I used Lion Brand's 24/7 yarn too that the pattern was made in.

I thought about lining this purse since the inside would show the safety eyes and stitches but then opted not too because lining this purse seemed…

wishing you good fortune

Hello all!  It's a pretty dark and rainy morning today.  Hoping we get some sunshine soon because we have plans to be outdoors later.

Today I have another cute amigurumi to share.  I used a pattern by lalylala.  She's got a very unique style for sure and I love her imagination.  She has an Etsy store too HERE.  I decided to try her maneki neko pattern which comes in her New Year's Eve pattern set.  It is really cute!

He's only a few inches tall and fits in my hand.  I used Lion Brand's 24/7 cotton yarn with a 2.0mm hook.  I did have to do his legs a couple times to get it right and almost did give up but happy I got to finish him cause he is really cute.

He has a tail and that actually helps to prop him up a bit because he doesn't stand on his own two feet!  Changing yarn colors in this pattern was not too difficult either once you get the hang of it.

I like his paw that is raised inviting good fortune.

I made a tag for him too using stamps from Mama Elephant.…

how many tries does it take?

Hi all!  How many tries does it take for you to create something you love?  Can you complete a card or a tag in one sitting or do you change things around often?  Today I wanted to share the process I went through in creating a simple tag.  It was the tag that I made to go along with my crocheted octopus in my previous post.

See the tag behind the octopus?  Looks pretty simple, right?  I didn't even have to color the images.  I just stamped them in colored ink but it took me much longer than I thought it would.

Try #1.  I thought I wanted to use this cardstock that had the small specks of color in it so I stamped my octopus image on it twice.  And it had to be more than once because "octopi" is plural, right?  I couldn't just stamp it once cause it would be kind of grammatically off.  Yeah, I think my mind is a little picky at times.

But then I had a scrap piece of kraft cardstock and I stamped the blue octopus on it and liked it better so I switched to kraft.

Try #2…

you octopi my heart!

Hello!  Did you notice I changed the look of the blog?  Thinking I wanted a change especially since it's the new year and still January, and I noticed lots of things like my bloglist was really out of date.  I guess people don't blog as much as they used to, myself included.

Today I have this cute amigurumi octopus to share!  Isn't it adorable?  This is from a pattern by the Left-Handed Crocheter you can find HERE.  She has lots of photos of different octopus she has made and they are all adorable!  I made mine on the smaller size but she also has a pattern for a huge one which I may try at a later time.

You can also prop him up on his legs!  I made him using Caron Simply Soft yarn and a 2.75mm hook.

Also made this tag to go along with him.  The stamps are from Lawn Fawn and the tag itself is from My Favorite Things and Mama Elephant.  Really a mish mash of dies and stamps.

Here they are together!  A cute little gift to present to someone. 

Thanks for stopping by!

last 2018 calendars!

Yay, I finally finished using up all my 2018 calendars from Taylored Expressions.  I swear every year I buy calendars and tell myself to start early.  But the calendars usually just sit on my desk for a good few months before I even open them to make a calendar!  Though I think I did better this past year than previous years.  This year instead of just being motivated, I need to be more disciplined!  I need to finish goals and check off my to do list even if I don't feel like doing anything.  I guess that is the trap you fall into when you work at home and work for yourself. 

Here is the first batch of dog calendars I made using Mama Elephant's new dog die.  You can make a lot of different kinds of dogs with the die but I chose to make a simple one because I procrastinate too much.

 Here is a close up.  I think he is still pretty cute being a simple dog.

This is my second and last batch of calendars.  I used one of the dogs from Mama Elephant's Dog Agenda stamp set.  He i…