Tuesday, July 28, 2015

craft fair review

Hello!  I am taking a break from house chores.  Plus it is just too hot and humid to clean.  But I know the house has long been neglected while I crafted and packed and crafted and packed some more for the craft fair.  After I organized all my inventory, I cleaned my craft area and even wiped up the floor.  Amazingly dirty.  Hopefully I can get to vacuuming tomorrow and maybe some more laundry.

Anyway, for the most part, I think I enjoyed the craft fair.  There was a lot of waiting around but at least my hubby and daughter were there to keep me company.  I don't know how people can do this on their own.  It's nice to have some support especially when it gets busy. 

I finally met Linda from the Sister Stamps DT too.  And I met another person who mentioned she reads my blog!  How nice!  I wish I had asked her for her name.  But you know, I am kind of socially slow so hopefully next time.  It's a nice feeling to know others read my ramblings and I'm thankful for that.  So don't be shy if you do see me at a fair, say something!  Hmm, I should do some thing for people that mention my blog.  That would be fun.  I am thinking there could be a couple more fairs in the future for me this year.  Someplace indoors and with AC of course.  I'll let you know.

Here is my cute last minute logo.  I am thinking next time I will maybe iron on my image and name onto the table cloth so it looks less hobo and more professional.  Plus my table cloth was too short.  But oh well, gotta use what you have.

Here is the "used" section of my table.  Some people didn't get the concept of "surprise" and wanted to open the paper packs!  Was I mean to say no?  But I didn't want the bags to rip.  Trust me, there's nice paper in there!  But I still have lots of used items to sell.  My for sale tab is updated at the top of my blog if you're interested.

Sequins and clothespins, pretty popular.  I'll be adding the sequins into my Etsy shop, maybe at the end of the week?  And I have more clothespins on order too.

Handstamped metal items and earrings, not as popular but it's okay.  I know people are gonna want these soon like at Xmas time.

Sterling silver jewelry.

All my joy bags are gone for now.  They sold before the doors opened so no one saw them!  I'm glad some of my potholders found nice homes. 

Most of my cards are gone and all of my calendars too.  Yay for the people that bought them! 

Also had another bin of ribbon keychains and felt pins.  I have a lot of things I want to accomplish after I clean the house.  I'm working on sewing some fabric wine bags.  We don't drink wine but other people do, right?  I think those would be cute to give as Xmas gifts, and I might include some ribbon and handstamped tag or mini card.  Looks so cute in my imagination! 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

my first craft fair!

Hello!  I haven't posted since the first of July!  Mostly I've been getting ready for my first craft fair.  It's the Craft, Gift and Rubber Stamp Expo at the Blaisdell Center Hawaii Suite on Sunday, July 26th from 9 am to 3 pm.  Free admission too so if you're in the area, stop by and say hello!  It's never too early to shop for Xmas, is it?  Plus I'll have my used stamps and dies for sale as well so lots of good deals.

Here are some photos of some of the items I'll have at the fair.

Sterling silver earrings. 

Sterling silver necklaces.  I've sort of given them names or titles, I suppose. 

Sterling silver bracelets.

Some sewing stuff like these quilted potholders.  I was really ambitious at first and thought I could make like 25!  But I stopped at 10.  Those are some muslin bags and I used some heat bond to adhere the word joy (Lawn Fawn die).  Dies cut fabric!

Here are a ton of magnetic clothespins and yes, they are priced at a $1 per package which is like super cheap in my opinion.  Hubby's idea but I think I better stick to my own ideas about pricing or everything is gonna end up being a dollar.

I'll also have some crafty supplies like these clothespins.  I have them in white, pink, silver & gold and each package of ten is only $1.  I have some other items I'll share later.

Also brought in these super cute gold plated copper earrings.  More like fashion jewelry but I love that they are small and cute.  I just finished putting all of these together tonight with the help of my daughter.  She actually packed up a lot of the items to sell so she is a big help.  My youngest one actually counted out all the clothespins too.  Had to double check his counting!

I'll also have some handstamped metal key chains and bookmarks and lots of handmade cards, of course.  Hopefully, everything will fit on one table.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sister Stamps Release #28 -- Halia, Aulii & Kyana

Hello!  Today is Sister Stamps release day!  Hope you have plans to add these into your stamp collection.  They are great summer and beach images. 

So here is Kyana with her turtle.  I think she is my favorite.  She gets a little speech bubble with a heart it in.   

Also made this card with Halia and Aulii sitting on the sand.  The sentiment is from Mama Elephant.  I also used a Lawn Fawn stamp for the sand mound behind the 2 girls.  For both cards I watercolored the background using distress inks.  The images are all colored with Copics and then fussy cut.  I tried doing something different with coloring the hair, not sure if you can even tell but sometimes it takes so long to just color the hair that I wanted a simpler, faster way to do it.  I ended up just coloring the hair smooth at first and then just adding in a few individual lines to look more like hair.  I think I like it.

Be sure to leave some comments.  It is Sister Stamps' birthday and Jenny is feeling generous!

Jenny -- Sister Stamps
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sister Stamps Release #28 -- Makai & Kaumaka

Hello!  Back again for another day of Sister Stamps!  Hope you are keeping up with the commenting.

This card is similar to yesterday's one.  I thought since there are 3 turtles and 3 kiddies in the water, I'd make similar scenes.  This one features Makai and his thought bubble (Lawn Fawn) has a little smiley face.  Background is watercolored with distress inks and the images are colored with Copics and then fussy cut.

I also made a shaker corner bookmark with Kaumaka for my youngest one's birthday recently.  He looks kind of mischievous dumping out all the sand and that is just like my youngest.  I added some diecut letters and numbers on the side made with PTI dies.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sister Stamps Release #28 -- Hiilei

Hello!  Sister Stamps is gearing up for Release #28 with 7 new images!  All the images are beach-y themed and so cute.  Today I'll be sharing a card I made with Hiilei but I'll be sharing lots more in the next couple days.

These images pair really nicely with Sister Stamps previous sea animals release.  I really like the turtles stamp set so I paired Hiilei with one of the cute turtles.  I used distress ink to water color the background.  The images are colored with Copics and fussy cut.  The thought bubble and heart is from Lawn Fawn.

A funny thing is that I'm not really a beach person but my kids love to go to the beach.  Mostly I think it's because I'm not a strong swimmer so I don't really want to hang out at the beach.  My kids though are pretty good swimmers so they can spend hours in the water.  They love to explore around the sand and look for shells too.  And when we get a chance they love to look for turtles or fish swimming along next to them.

Be sure to check out the rest of the DT.
Jenny -- Sister Stamps
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It's also Sister Stamps birthday so Jenny's gonna do something special.  So better leave a comment on everyone's post and/or YT channel!  Big hint!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

bff bracelets

Hello!  Before I show you the new jewelry I made, I wanted to share something kind of funny and a little irritating, actually, to me.  All the time that I have been sewing, I have been threading my machine wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I think my mistake was just listening to my hubby when I should have read the directions myself.  And the weird thing is that it still sewed okay.  The only reason why I discovered all the wrong things I was taught was because I couldn't get nice even stitches on my current projects and it was driving me crazy.  I spent a lot of the day just looking online and then finally took out the instructions and oh my goodness, what a revelation!  I was even winding the bobbin wrong and putting that in the machine wrong too!  Geez, I thought my hubby read the directions but I guess guys really don't read any instructions and try to just wing it themselves.  So I had to give the hubby some scoldings when he came home but he still thinks his way is better cause it worked for so long.

Before I started my sewing projects, I made a couple of quick bracelets.  I got this super cute heart link chain and finally decided to make simple bracelets with them.  Then I metal stamped bff on the small sterling silver round discs and added them to the chain.  It reminded me of the time my middle school BFF and I got matching bracelets too.  So I made 2.

One for me and one for you.  These measure about 6.5 inches.  I think they're sweet.  Not sure if I'll be adding them to my Etsy store yet.  I signed up for a small craft fair so maybe gotta hoard some crafts so I can sell them there. 

Oh, Sister Stamps will be showing previews soon.  So check that out.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Comfort cards

Hello!  I'm getting a little bit sleepy early this morning.  Trying to kick my coffee habit.  I only drank a cup a day but trying to switch back to green tea.  Ha, I just yawned. 

I made a set of cards totally opposite my happy cards in my previous post.  I didn't know what I wanted to make so just grabbed my newest Winnie & Walter stamp sets, Addie's Garden and The Big, the Bold and Comfort.  Also went back to my love of kraft cardstock and kept everything simple even though there was actually lots of fussy cutting involved and touching up of the sentiments.

Here is the set of 5 comfort cards.  I kind of love them actually.  I love how simple the flower is and how bold the sentiment is.

I first made the flower in this kind of super light yellow, beige-y color but didn't think it stood out much against the kraft. 

Here's the second beige-y color flower. 

Then I changed to a light pink color for the flower.  I think I like that better just a little bit.

I like this sentiment a lot.  I stamped each sentiment and I guess my ink pad is running low so the black wasn't quite bold enough for me.  I went and colored in every sentiment with my Copic multiliner.  Even the small font sentiments!

I stamped right over the flower stems too.  Then filled the sentiments in.

Yawning again.  Anyway, that's it for me.  I think I might switch gears a bit and do some sewing again or play around with some felt.

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