Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2018 fridge calendars

Hi!  Wow, it's December already!  I can't believe how this year has flown by.  I keep thinking there is still time to craft and make new projects but the days just go by so quickly.  I still had 2 more Christmas projects to complete but after thinking about it, I'm just going to wait for next year.  I'm kind of tired!  And there is still Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, and this year I want to make and decorate cookies!  Maybe if they look decent I'll share them here.  I plan to close up the shop for a short vacation from the 15th until the 26th.  Maybe I'll craft during that time or not.  Mostly I'll be making cookies!

I made more calendars using Mama Elephant's Dog Agenda stamps.  The paper is from Doodlebug.  These are adorable!  And I listed them a little while ago in my shop so some are sold out.

And then I thought wouldn't it be cute to pair a dog and cat together?  So I did.  And the smiling clouds in the background are super cute.  My personal favorite is the crafting one! 

Just wanted to share that I made another round of tags!  101 tags!  This is my last bunch for the year.  If you're interested, they are all listed in the shop.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

more coffee shaped cards

Hi!  Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!  It was nice to relax for a couple of days except for all the cooking of course.  I think one year I may just skip the cooking and get take out!  But my youngest one really enjoys eating all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  So maybe I'll have to wait until he is a little older.

I'm back to share more coffee cup shaped cards.  These are a bit more cutesy.

I used some Doodlebug paper for the front.  The coffee cup shaped cards are made from dies from Honey Bee Stamps.  The sentiment and holly are from Lawn Fawn. 

This gingerbread cookie print is so cute!  The sleeve on here is a pale pink color so the colors a bit nontraditional for Christmas.

And this one has a bunch of cute Santas!

And this is the inside with the gift card holder slot which I made using a die from MFT.  So the whole base of these cards is kraft cardstock.

I am still trying to cross everything off my crafty list for this year.  I listed a bunch more small calendars with Mama Elephants dog agenda and cat agenda.  I'm currently making more tags!  Hoping to finish them next week.  Next time I'll share the calendars I made.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

coffee cup shaped cards

Hi!  I think after this post I may need a little nap!  My right shoulder is actually feeling worn out from all the typing and photo editing I've been doing lately.  And this cooler weather is making me drowsy.  It's getting cold here already!

I made a bunch of these coffee shaped cards using a die from Honey Bee Stamps.  It's a cute coffee set but the die is extra long so it would probably help to have a longer platform to diecut.  I just have the standard sized one so I would pass it through once in my Big Shot and then rotate the cardstock and die carefully to cut the other end.  Manageable but the longer platform would be more convenient!

I embossed the front of the card with some pretty snowflakes.  I think this is a Sizzix embossing folder.  And then stamped the coffee sleeve with some Lawn Fawn stamps.

This is the inside.  The gift card slot does not come with this coffee cup die set.  I cut that opening with one of the dies from MFT's gift card dies.  I thought this would be a cute way to put a gift card and keep it secure in the card.

I made a couple other cards using this die which I'll share next time.  I also listed a bunch more calendars in my shop too if you're interested.  I think they turned out cute!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

NEW confetti shapes!

Hi!  I've added new confetti shapes into my Etsy shop. 

These are thin cut iridescent white snowmen.  I also have them in a plain white color.

These are maple leaves.  I love this style a lot more than the ones I used to stock in my shop.  The quality of these are a lot more consistent but they are not chunky like the other ones.

Unicorns!  This one is iridescent white.  I also have them in a pink color.  These are super cute!

I love these too.  Pink cherry blossoms!  I also have an iridescent white version of this.  So pretty.

I'm starting to restock some heart shaped confetti too.  This one is red hollow hearts and tiny hearts.  I have them also in black.

If you're interested, they're all listed in my shop.  Don't forget to use the free shipping code listed in the front of my shop if your order qualifies.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

felt planner clip cards

Hi!  I'm back today to share something new.  It combines my love of cute with funny puns.

I made some fun planner clips using embroidered felt and paper clips.  But since I'm also a paper crafter, I thought it be cute to combine the two.  So these are my planner clip cards. 

I printed my sentiment using my laser printer and then used my Minc to add the gold foil.  I really love the gold foil.  I made a few prints that were a bit spotty but then found the right combo and the gold foil seems to be more consistent.  I love how the gold foil really elevates the card and matches the gold paper clip too.

Here's one of my favorite cards.  Love the donut and s'more pun!  I made a couple other cards which are listed in my shop.  I'm hoping to add more cards and puns.  But I wish I could make more of other things too!  Just not enough time in a day.

I had a little giveaway on my FB page which went by a bit quicker than I thought!  I gave away 2 of the turkey clip cards since I was a bit slow in listing these in my shop and Thanksgiving is already next week. 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

panda and polar bear calendars

Hi!  Back today to share another batch of 2018 calendars.  I used Mama Elephant's Bear Favor Bag Accessory dies for these calendars. 

Here is my polar bear which is pretty simple to make.  Just using some white cardstock for his head and part of his body.  It is hard to image what the tiny dies could be used for so I end up cutting up a bunch of scratch paper and just moving things around until it looks cute!  These calendars also have a magnet on the back to stick to your fridge or anything else that is magnetic.  They are pretty lightweight and thin.

Here is my panda bear.  I didn't know if I wanted to add those cheeks in or not.  My kids thought it was cute without them.  But I like rosy cheeks!

Here is my last one which is a variation on the panda and I call him fancy panda because of his mustache and hat.  I like him cause he makes me laugh.

I am very unfocused.  Too many projects to finish.  I like to imagine that there is a finish line to all this crafting but there really isn't.  I will never cross off everything on my crafty to do list.  It really is never ending.  There is always something new to create and to be inspired by.  So maybe I'll always be unfocused.

So in line with being unfocused, I will be sharing something new the next time I blog, hopefully.  I've already put a little glimpse of it on my Simply Made Hawaii facebook page.  If you're curious, come like my page.  I might do a little giveaway (sorry, for US residents only).

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Monday, October 30, 2017

cat calendars

Hi!  I'm back today to share some cute calendars that I made for 2018.  They are mostly cute because of the adorable stamps by Mama Elephant!  I used the Cat Agenda stamps and dies for these.  I used their tip of printing out the images and numbering the dies with a Sharpie.  It really makes it easier to sort through the dies to find the right one especially since they are so small.

Here is a group shot of the calendars.  I only made one of each type.  I tried to find some cute pairs of cats that would go together nicely.  I had actually stamped and colored a lot of these cats in the summer and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them.  I knew I wanted them on a calendar but not sure about the layout. 

They all measure 4x4 inches and are adhered onto chipboard.  The calendars I used are really tiny but fit well with this.  The cat paper is from Doodlebug and I had bought it because it was so cute!  Good thing because it fits this theme so well.

The backside has a thin magnetic sheet so these calendars can be used on the fridge.

Close up shots of the little pairs of kitties.  Love the kitty images in this set.  I also have the Dog Agenda so I'm hoping I can make some dog calendars too since 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

Well, that is it for now.  I have a couple other calendars that I'll share at a later time.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

brown bear ornament

Hi!  Well, koala is on his way to his new home!  I didn't think he'd leave quite as quickly as he did so we'll definitely miss him.  Sometimes it's hard to let go of the things you make by hand.  I'll try to make another but my list of items to remake is getting longer.  Today I'm sharing his friend, brown bear which is also a cute little ornament.

Here's koala and brown bear together.  Brown bear is just a bit smaller than koala.  He has arms and legs and wears the cutest red sweater.  I crocheted him using a pattern from Amy of Little Muggles and the pattern is HERE.  I found the Little Muggles site by accident when I was looking for cute ornaments to make.  He is really round and cute!

You can prop him up to stand on his legs with some wiggling but he might topple over.  He is pretty lightweight. 

He also comes with a tag for gift giving.  The sentiment is from Lawn Fawn and fits pretty perfectly.

His nose is felt with a little black stitch.  The nose and felt inner ears are hot glued on.

One of the cutest things about him is his red and white sweater!  And his little arms!  Here's a backside view.

He has a red ribbon to hang on the tree too.  My kids love this guy so much.  More so than the koala for some reason so they found it hard to believe that he didn't sell first!  I have to tuck away my crocheted pieces so the kids don't handle them too much.  Maybe I'll make one for our tree too.

I also listed a bunch of 2018 calendars last night!  I hope the listings make sense.  I usually try not to list items at night when I'm tired but wanted to get things crossed off my to do list.  I'll share details about each calendar at a later time but you can head to shop for a sneak peek if you're curious.

Thanks so much for reading!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

koala ornament

Hi!  Today I have a crocheted ornament to share.  I crocheted it following Stephanie Lau's pattern which can be found on her All About Ami blog HERE.  She has some of the best patterns and her instructions are really clear with lots of photos.  It takes a lot of work to design these patterns and then present them in a way that is understandable to someone who may be a beginner.  I still consider myself a beginner.  Sometimes I'm still looking up instructional videos on the internet because I've forgotten how to make the stitch. 

Stephanie has a series of 3 bear ornaments.  I started with this koala which my daughter of course had to point out is not really a "bear" but a marsupial.  Okay, but he is still called koala bear.  Mostly I picked him first because of the pun I wanted to go along with him.  I love these puns!

Here is the pun I printed and cut into a tag.

One of the things I love about him is his little scarf with the fringe on the end!  It is hot glued on in some areas and also sewn.  He is made from Lion Brand's 24/7 cotton yarn.

Here he is in my hand.  Sometimes I guess it is hard to gauge the size of these things.  I used a 2mm crochet hook to crochet him.  I cut out his nose free hand as best I could and then of course used some dies for the white of his eyes and ears.  Sometimes it's good that I have a lot of dies!

Here he is hanging from a red ribbon.  I looped a bit of black cotton yarn first and then added the ribbon and tag.  I have a brown bear that follows a different crochet pattern that I'll share the next time I get a chance to blog.  But both the koala and brown bear are listed in my Etsy shop.

Recently I made 56 calendars as favors for a relative's birthday party.  My hubby was a bit surprised that I had most of the supplies to make the favors.  The only items we had to buy were the calendars (from Taylored Expressions) and print the photos I wanted to use above the calendars.  I had all the chipboard, gold cardstock, washi paper, tape and magnetic sheets to go behind the calendars.  See, sometimes it's good that we crafters hoard supplies!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Snowman gift card holder

Hi!  I was planning to post this last night but I was just too tired to write or think of complete sentences.  It's been a busy week with the boys on Fall break and still trying to finish up a bunch of crafts.  I have been trying to make some crocheted crafts to put in my Etsy shop and finally I'm done with one.  It's a crocheted snowman that can hold a gift card or anything actually that is small enough to fit in the pouch.  The pattern is designed by ChiWei Ranck of One Dog Woof and can be found HERE.

Here's the little snowman with his arms folded over in the front to look like he is hugging the card. 

I added this fun card that I stamped.  You can definitely add in a gift card too behind this card.

The gift card reaches under his nose.

This is how the little opening of the pouch looks.  I hope I can make more of these little guys.  These would be so cute for teachers and I think it would be easy to put a little wire through the hat and then use it as an ornament on the tree.

That is it for today.  Oh, I forgot something.  A comment on my previous post about the reindeer coloring.  Yes, I used Copics and I think I used E33, 35, 57 for his body and E35, 57, 59 for antlers and E57, 59 for the hooves.  I can't be 100% cause I already forget but those are my go to colors for brown animals!  And then also a light blue tracing around the polar bear with just a light colored blue Copic like B00 or something.  And rub on pink chalk for the cheeks.  Hope that helps.

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