Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sister Stamps Release #26 is today!

Hi again!  Today is release day!  Thought I would pop in to share my latest 2 year pocket calendars featuring Sister Stamps Ai and Mitsuyo. 

First up is Ai, the girl Taiko drummer.  I printed up some of these sentiments that I first saw with an Uptown Girl stamp.  I loved the sentiment and wanted to buy the stamp cause of it but I thought twice and saved some money by just printing the sentiments myself.  As usual, I used washi paper to cover the calendars.

Here is Mitsuyo.  I love the color combo of this one.  So pretty!  And the same sentiment.

Here they are in their vinyl covers.  I love the practicality of these calendars.  I mean, you get 2 years worth!  But I notice the calendars aren't cut exactly straight.  So that makes me have to fiddle a bit with the washi paper to cover everything up nicely.  Not sure if it's just my order that was cut crooked but I think these are still cute and worth the bit of fiddling.

Really, I thought maybe this year I could try out a craft fair but I think I'm still not ready!  But I am willing to sell my calendars through my blog if anyone is interested.  Just send me an email and we can work something out. 

Thanks all!  Hope you got some yummy chocolates from Halloween!  That is one of the perks of having 3 children.  I can rummage through 3 bags for my favorite chocolates! 


Lynn said...

Wow! Super nice. I can't see the place where you had to fiddle with the washi paper. These look excellent. I think you should sell at a craft fair as your work is fabulous. I know that you would make a bundle.

Denice said...

Love both of these calendars...such a perfect gift for giving.'ve got me thinking. The SS images are just the right size, and adorable too!

Rachel Parys said...

You could totally swing a craft show, you have some of the best work I have ever seen!!!!!!

These two are so darn cute!! I really like the idea of these calendars!

My girls' buckets were overflowing with candy last night, I have already made myself sick! lol!

Cheryl said...

Pretty calendars! Yeah, the gold washi paper is nice with the red kimono! Yeah, do the craft fair! I miss those...the one time I went, I think...I don't really hear of craft fairs around ehre...

Leanne said...

Wow!! These are awesome, some of the coolest covers I've ever seen.

Maybe next year you can do a small show, I know your stuff would sell out quickly. Your projects are always awemazing.

Happy Monday!!

cherish2008 said...

I am soooo interested in the Ai calendar and any other things you have with Ai. My daughters are taiko drummers. Please contact me.

Handmade Cuties said...

Very Cute Eva! I am a calender girl - still need them in my bag and much prefer the ones I can write on over the digital version. The washi paper is so pretty. It's great that the paper can be purchased in sheets for larger projects. Your stamping and coloring are always soooo pretty!!!!