Thursday, June 4, 2015

lots of projects to share!

Hello!  I have a bunch of projects to share today. 

I'm adding some new sterling silver jewelry to my Etsy shop.  I actually haven't listed these dragonflies yet.  Been kind of busy and lazy when I'm not busy.  All the kiddies are at home for the summer.  I think they are already bored.

This is one my favorite little necklaces.  The round disc is only 9 mm and I stamped the kanji symbol for beautiful onto it.  Everything is sterling silver and the chain measures 16 inches.  This one is listed in my shop.

See?  Tiny and sweet.  Good thing my nails aren't dirty looking.  Hehe.

I started making Xmas gifts!  Pillows for all our cousins' kiddos.  This was my first one and I think it's just a tiny bit snug.  I tried doing a zigzag stitch around the letters but boy that was complicated so I opted for a straight line stitch instead.  I guess it's okay but it is super time consuming.

This is my second pillow.  I like the measurements better and I tried something different with the name.  I think I will try to hand stitch around the letters on my next pillow.  We'll see.  These are smaller pillows, by the way.  They measure 12 x 16 inches.

I made this blanket and pillow set for a toddler.  The middle piece is a large panel so I didn't have to piece a lot of fabric together.  For my first blanket, I think it's okay.  But I recently got a walking foot for my sewing machine so maybe my next blanket won't be so puffy looking.  Made a matching pillow case too. 

I think the big test for my sewn projects is whether they'll hold out in the wash!  I don't prewash cause of all the fraying but I've read that lots of people don't anyway.  Hopefully they won't fall apart in the first wash!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Thanks to everyone checking out and buying stuff from my sales!  Still lots to sell.  I am thinking about selling my paper too.  I have so many paper pads that I haven't been using lately.  So my plan is to cut down the large sheets to 6x6 and seeing how many I can fit into a box and set a price for it.  Would you be interested in that? 

Thanks for visiting Simply Made Hawaii too!


Lynn said...

Your jewelry and sewn projects are fabulous. I know that your sales will continue to increase. I think the idea of cutting the sheets down for sale is a great one because many crafters are card makers who lack space but love variety.

Catherine said...

WOW ! Your creations are all so beautiful Eva ! Love the jewelry and the little pillows are so cute ! Love the blanket too... So sweet... You rock Sweetie ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Denice said...

You have been a busy crafter! Love the sterling silver pieces...both are very pretty. What a great idea to make pillows for all the's a great way to show off customizing on your Etsy site. School was officially out for us yesterday...I have a feeling it's going to be a looooooooong summer, lol!

Creations by Shirl said...

Great job on your projects,love the jewelry...
I used to make tons of those matching pillow and blankets too long long time ago. We had them all displayed in our Singer Co store when we had our Kaiko'o Mall shopping center ages ago. LOL! I enjoyed doing them as gift giving too. And I used to love making those sleeping bags for my kids and the rest of our good friends children too. I would sneak and use the store's big industrial embroidery machine and sew all their names on them....LOL!

Verna Ford said...

Those dragonfly pieces look amazing! They’re bound to be a hit once you put them up your Etsy page. The silver necklace looks nice as well. Are there any alternate designs for the round disc, or can clients request what could be written in them? Anyway, thanks for sharing those wonderful pieces with us. Cheers!

Verna Ford @ Jacobs

Leanne said...

Hi Eva!
Aww, love these new additions. The small disc with the kanji is pretty.
Love the pillows and that baby set! So sweet!! You are a magician!!

Cheryl said...

Oops I missed commenting on this. Cute pillows and blanket! And jewelry! Lots of cute stuff for your store!

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