Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday card continued...

Thanks for posting the birthday card...and all the crooked letters! I was trying to place the "birthday" the way they had it on the sticker sheet and then the spacing got messed up and it started slanting downward. And not so easy to stick die cut letters or letter stickers on nicely either, I think I'm cock-eyed. I took some photos of the card before it was even finished since it took forever to get my son to sign it, but then I was thinking it looked kind of messed up to post. I guess I should have shown Eva how the card unfolds, but it was hastily shoved into an envelope, which by the way I made with the Martha Stewart scoreboard since I hadn't heard of it until Eva told me about it, and then when Michael's had a 50% off coupon, I figured that was a pretty good deal. But we didn't even address the envelope or seal it...I'm such a bad card giver. Although I was pretty happy I even finished it in time since it took me a couple days to decorate it. And by the last page, the best I could do was letter stickers.

Anyhow, it's called a "neverending" card and I saw it here. So I went to the youtube link here, which shows how to make the card and how it keeps folding/unfolding. Except they gave the measurements in metric units, so I just picked 6 inches by 6 inches with 1.5 inches for the score lines.

So the 3rd and 4th pages look like this if you flip the 2 and the birthday cake up/down, then open the green panels horizontally...

I mostly used Doodlebug products that I've been hoarding...the patterned paper, matching sticker sheet and a glitter letter set. Plus a birthday stamp set for the "happy" word background.
I am so bad about actually getting crafting stuff done, takes me forever just to make 1 thing...hopefully I can make something soon with "I love Stamps" Anya, thanks Eva!

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eva said...

ohhhhh, now i get it. i didn't unfold it the rest of the way. that is neat. need some directions for the receiver.