Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Notebook

Hi!  I was at Walmart the other day looking for Halloween candy.  Mostly for us to eat, not give out.  Hahaha.  Well, no one comes to our house anyway.  But while I was there, I found this super cute mini composition book and thought I'd try to alter it.  Thinking if I should enter this one in the TGF Altered Notebook challenge too.  I've seen other blogs alter composition books but this is my first one.

The composition book measures 4.5 x 3.25 inches.  I cut 2 pieces of Doodlebug paper above to just fit the front and back.  I used TGF's Oh Boy! Ian.  He is such a cutie and such a versatile stamp.  Perfect for any project.  I wanted this one to be more boyish since I made the other notebook girly.  And both my boys love cars!  We must have a hundred at least.

I cut a strip of yellow cardstock that wasn't too stiff and rubbed on the sentiment and car (from Imaginisce).  Then just glued it on.  This was a fairly fast and simple project to do.

Here's the back.  My paper seems a bit short at the top.  I try to follow PTI's Nicole Heady's advice about leaving the paper bigger and trimming it after but when I do that it's crooked!  All her projects and ideas are always so perfect.

The size of this is just right for little kids.  So I left it fairly simple.  Plus I know it will get wasted soon enough.

This was an exciting week for me having won TGF's Old Skool challenge.  I haven't won anything that big before.  And thank you for all the sweet comments!  It makes crafting even more enjoyable.  Thanks especially to my co-blogger who takes the time in her busy life to comment!  Well, I have a couple more ideas in my head I have to work on.  I have been brainstorming these ideas for a while now and they are dying to get out.  Thanks for reading and have a great Aloha Friday!


Cheryl said...

What a cute notebook! The hair coloring is looking good! So easy to comment, I like looking at your stuff! Everything is so creative! I think I'm on the internet too much, see, I should be getting ready for the day, but here I am drinking my coffee and typing!

donna mikasa said...

Super cute, Eva! Which WalMart did you go to? I've never seen the minis before! Must be so much easier to alter. Thanks for sharing!

And congrats on the Old Skool win at GF! Way to go!!!

Sunghee said...

I was at Walmart yesterday and didn't see this mini notebook! darn! Super cute creation!