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It's been a whirlwind year!

Hi!  My daughter graduated from the 5th grade and will be moving on to middle school this fall.  I'm sure the next few years will fly by just as quickly.  I wanted to make something for her classmates and for my son's class as well.  I had MFT's pinwheel die and stamp set for some time now so I wanted to put it use.  I didn't think the sentiments that came with the die fit our occasion so I made up my own which is the title of this post. 

These are the pinwheels for just my daughter's class.  Yup, purple and yellow are the school colors.  Yup, do you watch Storage Wars?  And that one guy always says Yuuup!  Can't believe it's creeping into my blog writing!  Anyway, these took me a while to figure out!  Cause what's a pinwheel if it doesn't spin right?  Especially if I want to give it to a kid.  I saw tutorials where they stick a pin through the center and into a pencil eraser but I didn't think that would be very safe for kids and school. 

So I came up with this set up.  I used some beads to string some fishing line through and tied the ends loosely to a pencil.  Then I hot glued just the other side of the fishing line to the pencil and washi taped the ends of the fishing line.  It had to be loose enough so that it could spin.  And it did!

I really wish there were pinwheel parts you could buy to put these together instead.  Any other ideas out there?  We made 46 pinwheels!  My daughter helped a lot.  She actually cut out all the pinwheel parts.  Then we tied and taped these to 46 goodie bags filled with some yummy treats.  We'll have to make 19 more for my youngest one's birthday coming up soon.  Thank goodness we have some time to recuperate first.

My daughter at graduation.  Lots of pretty floral leis and candy/snack leis too.  The pink rose lei was from me.  It was such a pretty lei and she loved it.  And that is a Hello Kitty lamb that she's holding. 

Another cute little Hello Kitty with glasses!  Just like my daughter.  It is just hip to wear glasses and be a little nerdy nowadays, isn't it?  So different when I was growing up and had to wear glasses.  Though there weren't many cute glasses for kids back then either. 

Happy weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading!


Alyce said…
What a great idea to do the pinwheels as a class gift! They look fab too :) And I am so jealous of your daughter's hello kitty lamb :D
Cheryl said…
What fun pinwheels! Can't believe you tied all those! Hmmm, might not be a bad idea for me to start on something now so it will be ready to give away in a few years. I wonder if people even give things to their classmates for graduation on the mainland? Congrats to your daughter!
Rachel Parys said…
You are a super mom! You spent a lot of time on those kiddos, and got to have your daughter help you, she will never forget that! Gorgeous work! Now let's get this summer started!!! YAY!
Mimi said…
wow! those are super cool gifts for the kids! i bet they loved them! Congrats to you daughter! YUUUUP! ;D
Arabella said…
Fabulous gifts for kids Eva! Another great idea! Great that your daughter could get involved and help you make them too! Happy Summer!

Arabella said…
Hi Eva,
Me again... I was thinking about your windmill spinning problem and I wondered about split pins? Here's a quick link I found...

Leanne said…
Holy cow Eva! These are awesome! I bet the kids loved them and the goodies that came with it. You are definitely Super Mom! Congrats to your DD! Beautiful flower leis and yes that nerdy HK is all the rage. Does your DD have the actual HK nerdy glasses too? lol!
Fabulous job with all your projects!
Have a relaxing weekend you deserve it!
RiNNE said…
Awesome pinwheels! Love that HK and those leis!
Lorraine said…
OMG, you made 46 of those cool pinwheels with goodie bags, too? I knew you were going to do something special - like you always do! and YAY & congrats to your daughter graduating from elementary school!

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