Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emojis are helpful

Hello!  I know my blog has been rather neglected these days so I was kind of excited when I saw I had a comment.  Wow, who would comment on my blog when I have nothing new to share?  My excitement was short lived of course because the comment was:

"Because Eric Carle's original artwork wasn't good enough?" on What do you see?

Hmmm, what was the purpose of this comment?  To be nasty?  Sarcastic?  Snide?  I can't tell, maybe it needs some kind of mean faced emoji next to it.  Then I would totally get it.

Or maybe I am totally wrong and this was just a light hearted, fun comment that needs an LOL next to it?

Anyway, my crafty blog is public and I guess that leaves it open to some mean spirited comments though this is the first one I've gotten besides the occasional do you want to work at home kind of spam.

Thank you to the commenter for taking the time to leave this thoughtful comment.  It has made my day!  (Insert sarcastic emoji here).

Thank you to my crafty friends for visiting today.  (Insert grateful emoji here).
Sorry I don't have anything pretty to share.  I've been in a crafty slump lately.  (Insert sad emoji here).

P.S. I am not tech savvy enough to find the appropriate emojis to insert into this post.  (Insert confused emoji here).


Lynn said...

Sorry that someone one left a puzzling, possibly negative comment. I get weird comments sometimes and even some in languages I can't even recognize...hahaha! maybe they are saying something mean but I can't understand them.LOL! Love your emoji come back! I have been trying to send positive comments to you about your last two posts. But for some reason I cannot get through (just thought you should know in case others are having problems too). Your cards are very clever and artistic. I also adore pandas and so I was thrilled to see your lovely creations. Don't let some random comment upset you because I'm sure you know in your heart that you are very talented and you inspire many of us in blogland. Hugs to you, my friend!

Cheryl said...

First of all, I didn't know those faces were called emojis! I'm like behind the times! But probably another reason why I wouldn't want my kids on social media or whatever, I think random people feel too free to write mean things that they probably wouldn't say to someone's face! Or if it wasn't meant to be mean, it didn't really come across that way when you can't see someone's face and tell if they're joking! All kinds of problems out here recently with publicly elected officials writing inflammatory comments on forums under pseudonyms...and then eventually getting found out... Anyhow, don't put too much stock in anonymous comments, just delete anything that sounds rude!

Niki G said...

Sorry to hear about the crafting slump. I hope you'll continue to search for inspiration because it takes just one picture or shopping spree to get me in the mood...haha. Hugs to you and I know you'll be back to crafting soon. You always have such cute stuff and I adore and look forward to your posts!! You cracked me up with your (emojis). I have no idea how to do those either!

Leanne said...

Hey Eva! :)
I'm sure if Mr. Eric Carle saw the post he would be honored to have you create something similar that helps others. As Cheryl and Lynn say don't take stock in what that individual said just delete it.
Love your come back with the emojis too. Way to go!
I'm missing my mojo too and trying other things to start it up again. Sigh, not so easy when all I want to do is watch tv. hahaha! "wink" 'wink"

Rachel Parys said...

Don't let that turd ruin it for ya, you know we love you and think you are a crafty genius!!!!!!!!!! <3

Denice said...

Someone had to go pretty far back for that post, but personally I think Eric Carle would have been honored to have been your inspiration! *happy face*
The book is adorable and keeps with the theme of his book.
*snarly face* Buggers to the nay sayers.

I've lost my mojo too, but I blame mine on Netflix because of binge watching too many shows. Hours and hours of SOA, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad has left me wide-eyed and still in shock....along with a whole new set of language skills! LOL!

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