Monday, January 19, 2015

Hair bands and earrings

Hello!  Just sharing a couple of different things I haven't shared before.  I took these to the craft party too.  The hair bands were more popular than the earrings.  But I love the little earrings too.

There is a variety of hair bands in there.  Sorry, I didn't organize them too nicely before taking the photo.  I have some Hello Kittys, some bears, strawberries and clouds.  These are super easy to make, just need the supplies which aren't very expensive at all.  I love checking out Etsy to see what people are selling these days.  It's so amazing to see so many different kinds of craft supplies on Etsy.

These are little earrings.  The posts are stainless steel too.  These are also super easy to make!  All supplies found on Etsy. 

Today, I cleaned up my craft area as clean as I could get it.  I'm ready to make some cards, sew up a couple of more coin purses and other little this and that crafts.

Thanks so much for visiting!


Denice said...

I hope you had good luck at the craft show with these...the bands and earrings are both super cute!
YAY for cleaning up your craft area, have fun creating!

Lynn said...

Cute stuff! Gotta go check out Etsy...didn't realize that they had these neat supplies too.

Rachel Parys said...

Love it all!!! Those earrings are super cute!! Good thing my youngest isn't here, she would try to get me to make her some! lol!

Cheryl said...

More cute stuff! Wow, you even package them so nicely!

Leanne said...

oh these are adorable!
I know etsy is soooo bad! hahaha!

I'm sure you could add these to your online store and they'd sell out. Your quality of work is outstanding!!