Monday, October 26, 2015

Craft Fair #4 Review, cards & ramblings

Hello!  Yesterday, we attended the fair at Hawaii Kai Retirement Center.  It was a pretty short fair, only about 4 hours but the time did crawl at some points!  It was kind of a different fair for me and a different crowd.  Less crafty people for customers, I think.  I'm so used to speaking with people who like to make cards and stamp, and I think I kind of missed that yesterday.  But all in all, a good experience.

But someone did ask me how I have the time to make so many crafts.  And then she asked if I work.  I still have to get used to answering questions like that.  Do you work?  Do you have a job?  What do you do?  I'm so used to saying no, I don't work.  But really I think I have a 24 hour job.  I don't have a regular 9-5 job.  I work all the time even in my sleep!  As a parent, do you sleep so soundly that you don't wake up when you hear a noise?  Ever since having children, I haven't slept well.  I'm less sleep deprived now that my children are older but I wake up pretty immediately when one of my kids walks into our room for some reason or another.  I can't nap during the day because I think I'm gonna oversleep and forget to pick up one my kids.  Plus there is so much to do during the day between drop offs, pick ups, volunteering, running errands, doing household chores & prepping 3 meals a day everyday for five of us.  Who really has time for a nap???

Now that I've added my Etsy shop and doing some craft fairs, I have more things to do & not enough time.  I just wondered too at that person who asked me that question, What does she think I'm doing at this craft fair?  Hello, I'm spending my Sunday at a craft fair selling my crafts.  Does that not look like work?  Does selling crafts not count as a job?  It might seem like a fun job and in a way it is but I do differentiate between crafting for fun and crafting for work.  It is different.  So I have to practice answering that question, I work and I have many different jobs!  On a side note, I have my kids practice answering that question too.  They are instructed to say, My mom has an online store, please shop there! 

I'm not sure if I shared some of these cards.  They'll be added into my Etsy store within the next couple days.  I worked as a photographer today and took a million photos and edited them too so I could list them in the store.  All stamps by Sister Stamps.

I also added some of these pretty butterfly sequins.  These are a bit thinner than the other sequins like the snowflakes.

Pink ones

White ones

Green clovers.  These are thicker sliced, more like traditional sequins.  I've had all of these for a little while and only got motivated to list because of a customer's interest.  So I'm grateful for that little push to get these into the store.

And as always, I am thankful for your comments and support!


Lynn said...

As a former stay at home mom (my kids are grown up), I can understand your irritation with the question, "What do you do?" People still ask me so I answer, "Nothing, just crafting and blogging". I no longer explain that it takes a lot of work, non-crafters/bloggers don't get it anyway...and moms with a 'real job' who rely on others to tend to their kids will later question whether they made the right decision. Be confident in what you are doing. It is worthwhile to create and add beauty to the world. You do that magnificently!

Leanne said...

I think the most important job is being a parent. I don't have kids, but I was once a kid and I know how hard my parents worked to take care of my siblings and I so when you get that question again you'll know what to say.
Love the SS cards, your designs are always beautiful and those sequins are so pretty and sparkly.

Have a great day!

Bead Crumbs said...

I get that work question all the time. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. I do know that it benefits my family and it is best for us...and sometimes other people too :)

Thanks for sharing your craft fair experiences. Your reviews are very helpful because one day I would like to jump in and do one...but that takes a tremendous amount of preparation and WORK!

Denice said...

Love these cards...just perfect for the holidays and of course you used the custest images ever!
Enjoy your time with your kiddos....they'll appreciate it through the years and so will you!

Cheryl said...

Gee, people ask kind of nosy questions about how you spend your time. Does it sound too rude to say "I just sit on my butt all day watching TV!" Although that's probably what I would end up doing for real, ha! And I even took a nap on my day off! But "homemaker" or "stay at home parent" is a valid occupation, lots of moms and dads around here stay home for childcare. But now you are also "small business owner." Or maybe "artisan." People are going to be judgmental no matter what you do, whether it's "working", staying home, working part time, there's no right answer and everything has it's pros and cons, so just do what works for you!