Wednesday, January 28, 2015

metal stamped bookmark

Hello!  I was really trying to be good today and start exercising again but I just could not get my laptop going so that I could watch a show while on my elliptical.  Maybe I was having a bad connection with Netflix but I know my laptop is also old and probably gonna conk out soon.  After about 20 minutes trying to fiddle with this and that, I gave up!  I had my shoes on and everything!  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Today's post is so fun for me.  It's more metal stamping but this time on actual metal instead of wood.

This is an aluminum bookmark that I stamped for my daughter.  It's a little smudgy looking after she used it.  I should've taken a picture before I gave it to her when it was all nice and polished.  I even stamped her name on the bottom but I smudged it on here.  I made 2 small purple pom poms too for fun.  

Here is a close up of the quote I stamped.  Funny?  I messed up a bit on the heart on the bottom but that is why I need practice.  But overall I'm pretty happy with how this turned out considering it was my first metal project.  It does require a lot more elbow grease to polish and do the stamping than paper crafts but the outcome of the project is so worth it.

I don't think I have another project to share after this.  I'm trying to recover from a cold and so my crafting has slowed down as well.  Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

hostess gift

Hi everyone!  So today I want to share my newest hobby!  I recently splurged on some metal stamps and I've been stamping on wood and metals.  The craft ideas are just endless here too.  It makes me a little nervous though because I really don't want to make a mistake and have to start over.

I started practicing on some wooden cooking spoons and I saw this really neat gift idea HERE.  Since we have to go to an acquaintances' house one night for dinner, I thought it'd be a fun time to practice and make a hostess gift.

So I bought these wooden spoons and stamped the family's last name on the handles.  Might be hard to see in the photos.  They are small but until I expand my supplies and maybe buy a larger font size, I have to make do.  I really wanted flat handled spoons but those are hard to find too.  But I thought these worked okay.

Here is another view.

Here is everything all wrapped up.  I included a couple towels and attached a tag with Lawn Fawn's thanks die.  I had some matching ribbon in my stash too.

I'll share something that I made using these metal stamps for my daughter in my next post.  I can't wait to try other projects but I'm in the middle of waiting for more stamping blanks.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Teacher thank you cards

Hello again!  My daily crafting has led me to be a more consistent blogger!  I finished up the thank you cards for my kids' teachers.  So many teachers this year!  I made 10 so I hope that is enough.

This card is probably familiar looking.  I did make similar ones, maybe last year?  The difference being the gold thanks sentiment I made using Lawn Fawn's die.  I've actually been using this die a lot.  The apple is die cut with My Favorite Things apple die using washi paper.  I also just rounded the bottom corners of this card just a bit.

This is all 10 of them.

My youngest one just reminded me that I should start making their traditional birthday card/bookmarks too.  Another project to add to my list!

I've been working on something different the past couple days that I'll share with you in my next post.  I'm very excited about it!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

cupcake birthday cards

Hello!  Today I have some birthday cards to share.  Usually I don't mass produce birthday cards but I made one and I thought it came out cute and so then I thought I should make some more.  Plus if I have to take out all the supplies, might as well make more and birthday cards are so useful to have around.

This is the first one I made using some cute stamp sets from Mama Elephant.  I really love this cupcake set.  I heat embossed the cupcake and sentiment first in white onto watercolor cardstock.  Then I took my distress ink pads and rubbed them onto an old plastic cover to use as a palette.  I added some water and brushed on the colors like a rainbow over the white embossed areas.  After that was all dried I added the cute bunny wearing a bow.  I added some sequins for fun too.

These are the ones I made after.  No sequins on these.  I used different cupcakes and also tried embossing with gold on the right.  I made one bear with a party hat.

Here are the bunny versions.  I like these cupcakes the best.  They look really yummy!

I'm working on some teacher thank you cards too!  Yes, I'm working way ahead of time for the end of the school year.  Ever since I made a list of all my projects, I've been able to craft more often and keep on track.  There are days when I need to really motivate myself to get going though. 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

EOS valentines

Hello!  Wow, it's turning into a gloomy day today!  Won't be fun picking up the kids in the rain. 

The past few days I've been crafting pretty much daily.  I've been multi-crafting!  Sometimes I jump from project to project because I have to wait for things to dry or sometimes because I get distracted and want to try another project right away.  Sometimes at night I have a hard time falling asleep because I see craft projects in my head! 

I've been noticing a lot of cute crafts using EOS lip balm online.  I saw a whole bunch of Christmas themed ones and I thought shucks, those would've been so cute for teachers!  But it was too late so I knew for Valentine's Day I wanted to make something using them for my boys' teachers.  The problem I had was finding some to use!  I lucked out yesterday cause I found some cute pink ones at Walmart, and I guess they had just restocked the shelves cause there was a lot. 

This is the one I bought.  I just remembered to take a photo of it last night before I altered it.

This is what I did to change them up.  I flipped it upside down and just found a circle die that was just about the size of the lip balm.  I had to do a little bit of extra cutting on the cardstock to get the lip balm to fit nicely.  Then I cut the flower shape out of felt using one of my Spellbinders die.  I thought felt would be better so you can mold it around the lip balm.  I added some tiny butterflies to the top where there is some of the plastic packaging sticking out.  Added a simple stem and some leaves.  I had my boys write their names and then I was done.

Another view.  My older boy at first, didn't want to give his teacher anything but when I showed him what I made, he changed his mind and wanted one too!  Well, I think these turned out cute and were fairly quick to make.  If I had a Silhouette I guess it would've been easier since I've seen all those cut files to make similar crafts.  But it's good to make use of what you have.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hair bands and earrings

Hello!  Just sharing a couple of different things I haven't shared before.  I took these to the craft party too.  The hair bands were more popular than the earrings.  But I love the little earrings too.

There is a variety of hair bands in there.  Sorry, I didn't organize them too nicely before taking the photo.  I have some Hello Kittys, some bears, strawberries and clouds.  These are super easy to make, just need the supplies which aren't very expensive at all.  I love checking out Etsy to see what people are selling these days.  It's so amazing to see so many different kinds of craft supplies on Etsy.

These are little earrings.  The posts are stainless steel too.  These are also super easy to make!  All supplies found on Etsy. 

Today, I cleaned up my craft area as clean as I could get it.  I'm ready to make some cards, sew up a couple of more coin purses and other little this and that crafts.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

ME coaster calendars

Hi everyone!  I am so happy this day is done.  I went to my first craft party to sell some of my crafts.  I wouldn't say it was a complete success.  I sold some items and talked to some people.  I don't think I like to socialize much!  I much rather just hang out at home so it was kind of draining for me.  After an hour or so, I wanted to go home.  So happy that a good friend of mine was there to support me and I appreciate that so much.  But I think I learned a lot about what people like.  And I learned that I like crafting and making things but mostly it's because I just plain love to craft.  I don't craft to make money.  I make things for people to make them happy.  In fact, it is usually a person that inspires me to make something or to learn how to do a new craft.  I love making personalized gifts for people.  So I am happy that now I can get on with making some gifts for close friends and their kids, and Valentine's treats for my kids' classes, and cute Easter baskets for our cousins' kiddies instead of making items to sell. 

Anyway, I had some leftover Taylored Expressions calendars and a whole bunch of PTI coasters.  So I was inspired by Karen's coaster calendars and made some myself.

I made these with some Mama Elephant stamps.  So CAS, right?  They have a magnetic strip on the back.

Here are some penguin ones.  I love these!

Well, there is a story to why I now have so many PTI coasters.  And it's because I was again suckered into purchasing a stamp/die set from PTI.  Gotta stop doing that!  Have you seen PTI's Love You to Pieces: Airplane set?  So cute, in theory.  Does it work with the coasters?  For me, no.  So apparently the die set was made to work with the coasters that PTI carries.  And it's supposed to cut just enough to let you pop out the pieces and let you put together a cute plane.  I ordered 2 packages of coasters, enough for both my boys' classes (50 coasters!).  I tried cutting them out using the the die and coasters and it was not cutting everything evenly.  If I put them through several times, some parts cut more than others and would fall out.  So I thought, gee, maybe I gotta get that metal shim to help my die cut better.  So I buy a metal shim.  First of all, it's a bad sign if you have to buy something else to make something you already bought work better!  I tried that and still does not work well with the coasters.  Then I tried it with my thin chipboard and that works pretty well.  But my chipboard is brown, that not so nice inside of the cereal box color.  I wish I could find thin and inexpensive white chipboard so I can stamp nice airplane colors!  So much trouble to make some Valentine's treats!  I think mostly I wish I did not buy this set.  But, ugh, stuck with it just like those coin purse dies! 

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I got an email message from a sweet person.  I hadn't seen the message because it got sent to my spam box.  But just one day I was curious and decided I wanted to see what messages were in there.  And amongst all the junk, I found this encouraging message from a person I didn't even know.  Wow, how nice and uplifting!  I so appreciate that!  Thank you!

Thanks all for reading this kind of long for me post!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Felt covered hair clips

Hello!  Well, has it been a while?  I suppose so.  I've been kind of lazy not wanting to photograph my crafts and share them here.  But today, I got myself to get off my butt and do something.  Mostly I thought I'd rather blog today than clean up my crafty stash!  I've got cardstock and fabric laying in piles on the floor. 

I've been making some stuff cause on Saturday, I'll be at a friend's house trying to sell my creations.  I actually haven't made anything too new.  I still have my leftover calendars, some old cards, simple little earrings, hair bands and mini key chains.  I'll try to photo some of the stuff I haven't shared before. 

I thought I'd finally dig out those PTI dies to make these hair pins.  I have a love/hate relationship with PTI.  Today's post is about love towards PTI cause I think these turned out super cute.  And I didn't haven't to fight the dies into cutting the PTI felt.  So that was good too.  Pretty easy to make these but they do take some amount of time to stitch up by hand.

I used my PTI felt for these since I used up all the inexpensive Walmart felt on my felt mice during Christmas.  Those are just some heart buttons I had in my stash too.  Do you love the little Mama Elephant penguin with the big bow in her hair?  I know penguins have nothing to do with hair clips but it's so cute!

Another set of heart clips.

A set of yellow ones.  I just used embroidery floss to stitch these up. 

Here is the back of one.  So there is just one tiny thing that bugs me about the clips I made and that is that I had to tie a little knot on the back to hold my thread together.  I know I could've pulled them through the holes and tucked them under the felt so they can't be seen but then it was kind of lumpy.  I don't know, it bugs me a little and stuff like that bugs me but I am just going to let this go and go on with my crafty life. 

Maybe next post I'll share about what is driving me crazy in making Valentine treats for my son's class.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Personalized Pillows

Hello!  Happy 2015!  My first post of the new year.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  My oldest went back to school today so I had to get up early to make her breakfast and pack up her lunch.  For the past 2 weeks my hubby was packing up his own breakfast and lunch for work since I was still sleeping.  It was kind of comical the first couple days since he forgot to take this or that.  He wasn't used to having to get his own things ready.  Spoiled, right?!  It was nice to sleep in for a few days and hang out in my pjs, not do my hair and not worry about pick ups or drop offs.  So lovely!  But it also makes me feel sluggy and lazy and I didn't do any crafting even though my hubby needed some thank you cards.  Ha!  I'm on vacation!  My boys have another whole week off!  It's a long break this school year.

I still have a couple projects from 2014 to share.  I sewed up a couple of pillow cases for my daughter's class supervisor and her daughter.  I wanted to try to personalize them with their names so I printed their names out and then traced them on to the super strong Heat Bond adhesive plus fabric. 

Here is the first pillow case.  Sorry, I smudged out her name.  I like this fabric.  It reminds me of my daughter's school.

This is the one for her daughter.  I smudged out her name also.

Here is the back of the pillow case.  Found the tutorial HERE.  These are 12x16 inch pillows and mostly decorative.  I thought about making a ton of these pillows for the rest of my daughter's teachers!  It would be nice to decorate the teachers' offices and use fabric related to the subject they teach.

I want to try some new crafts this year.  Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the supplies because it can be expensive.  I'll share when I can.  My daughter also got some fun nail polish for Xmas and that just brought back lots of memories of when I used to do my own nails in high school and college.  Nail art has totally evolved!  So amazing some of the things people add or just paint onto nails these days.

Okay, that is it for today.  Thanks so much for stopping by!