Friday, April 30, 2010

TGF Class of 2010

Happy Furlough Friday!  Actually, it's not a "happy" time when your kids don't get to go to school cause the state doesn't have enough money.  My daughter had a 3 day school week this week.  There is something really wrong with that.  Back to my post--here is a picture of my son's graduating preschool class as represented by TGF stamps.  Stuck a picture of my daughter in there too.  Can you guess which one she is?  So, obviously I don't have a lot of boy TGF stamps.  The only other one I have is Edward, and really he shouldn't be allowed to go to preschool.  I made these to tie onto a little goody bag for each of the kids as the school year is coming to an end and they will all be going to kindergarten soon.  I stamped their names using Simple Alphabet from PTI but blurred it in the photo to protect the innocent. 

This is the back side of the boys' tags.  I felt I had to cover up the back cause of the pen showing through.  I stamped the initial of each boy's first name on the back with the Outlines Alphabet set from PTI.

This is the reverse side of the girls' tags.  Cute Hello Kitty!!  I decided not to stamp their initials.  I did a test on my daughter's one and thought against it.  I try to do my kids' ones first in case I make a mistake or it doesn't look right then hopefully I can avoid doing it on the others.

Here's a pic with them all laminated.  I have a really old personal laminating machine (at least 10+ years).  I thought it was going to die on me but it made it.  I was so happy that they all made it through the machine and didn't crinkle or anything.  I wanted to post something TGF today because they are having their new releases tomorrow on the 1st.  Such cute stamps!  Lauren Meader has her release on the 1st too and she has lots of cute new templates.  Gymboree and Old Navy sales too.  I'll be shopping this weekend!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Cheryl said...

So cute! You're a coloring machine! Looks really nice! You're so nice to the preschoolers, I don't think I'm giving anything, thus far, although I see on the calendar there's going to be an end of year preschool party so I wonder if parents' are giving stuff. BTW, that was partly me opening the blog window again and again because I kept closing it instead of going back after looking at your photos.