Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This & That and Another taj Card

What??!! Me? An enabler? I don't know what Cheryl's talking about. I merely make suggestions when I see something cute and if it's a good deal. I've been ordering stuff from www.peachycheap.com lately. Today's deal is really cute but I don't think it's the best deal out there. Too much shipping.

And I just discovered that there is another blog out there that has almost the same name as ours! It's Crafty This and That. Hope people don't get confused between the two.

One more thing before we get on to the card. I wanted to mention that I actually won something. A Sizzix Bigz Spiral/Garland die from Sunghee over at www.creativityinprogress.com/blog/. She made a really cute flower with the die, something I probably would not think about doing. I think she makes some cute stuff especially her mini albums which I am going to try to make one of these days. Thanks, Sunghee!!

I wasn't sure if I was gonna post this cause I didn't know if Cheryl would mind her daughter's name being so out there in blogland. But since she posted the favors, I'm thinking it's okay. Is it weird that we're both kind of private but want to blog? Anyway, another taj stenciled card. I know I kind of messed up the bunny's cheeks/whiskers. Usually I'd redo it but I made this the night before her party. Her name is die cut. The cupcake and party hat have little flower brads.

This is the inside. Please ignore the money!! I didn't have a photo without the cash plus I wanted to show that you can slip some money or a gift card into the slot. I found the template here. Sometimes I spend too much time blog surfing but this is what I came across and thought it would be super cute. I just made mine longer cause my card was bigger. Anyway, thanks for reading through this long post. Are you posting tomorrow, Cheryl? If not, I promise I'll post something that's not taj related.


Cheryl said...

So cute your card! I still have all your cards and creations so let me know if you want me to take a picture of it for you if you haven't already. I already ran out of Taj stuff to post so I had to move on.

Heidi said...

Unni this is so cute!!! You should sell your cards to a greeting card company like Papyrus! Haha :).

Sunghee said...

THANK YOU for linking me!!! I've been sooo behind on my blog reading, didn't get to come here sooner. I need to go back again and look at all the amazing stuff you created! I feel so embarrassed with my projects. You are so creative!!! Wow!!! So glad to know you!