Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Inspired Birthday Card

It's a book inspired Monday Mania over at Club Anya & Friends.  Sad thing is that I haven't read anything since the Twilight Series so I couldn't really think of any books except maybe children kind.  So I had to ask my daughter who loves to read if there were any favorite books or characters that stood out to her recently but she didn't know either.  Geez.  But finally I came across the idea of Charlotte's Web so I made the card above.  It's in the shape of a barn with a window cut out for Charlotte.  I tried to make a web in the front by just wrapping some shiny white embroidery floss around a PTI Beautiful Blooms flower die cut.  I got that idea from my son's preschool class project.  They did something similar but just on a larger scale with a paper plate and yarn.

I cut Charlotte out of some Doodlebug Halloween paper and stitched some floss above her.

Here's the inside.  I wanted the front to open like doors.  I made Fern with TGF's Hope/Grace's body and Cute Troop Anya's head.  I thought she looked like a little farmer girl.  Wilbur the pig is from TGF's McSplendid Farm stamp set.  I don't think the farm set qualifies for Club Anya & Friends' Challenges but he fits so nicely into the story.  I wonder if that would disqualify my card??  Background paper is also from Doodlebug.

Charlotte was really busy and had to decorate inside the barn.  She spun webs on either side of her "Happy Birthday" sign.  I tried to stitch the "Happy Birthday" in my very best spider writing.

This web is similar to the one on the front of the card but smaller.  I was trying to make it symmetrical but after a while it got hard to follow the pattern.

Thanks for reading!  Have a nice day!


Cheryl said...

What a cute card! Like the webs. And the cute Wilbur and Fern, I forgot the girl's name. I last read the twilight series too! Although I'm starting to read the Anne of Green Gables series on Kindle for PC/Blackberry. I was thinking about possibly getting a Kindle and saw it was one of the free books. I never actually read that series when I was a kid.

Heidi said...

This one is so cute, Unni! :D