Friday, July 16, 2010

The start of a mini album...

that might take me a long time to finish, so I'm just going to post the 2 pages I've done so far. I put these away while I made the birthday cards since those actually had to be sent off by a certain date, so hopefully I can get back to this at some point. I still have all my Disneyland summer vacation photos to go through too!

Anyhow, during Natalie's first year, I tried to take a monthly photo with the same teddy bear so this is going to be the collection of all of those pictures. At least I know there will only be around 14 pages.I used the Library Ledger mini kit from PTI, minus the patterned paper which is mostly in shades of blue. I stamped all the backgrounds in Sweet Blush on Rustic Cream cardstock. It took me a while to get the hang of lining the background stamps up nicely, good thing the photo covers most of the page (excuse the big face and messy mouth photo, but I didn't really have as many pictures to choose from as I thought). The words are from Simple Alphabet, maybe I should have actually stamped "1 day old" but it takes me forever to get the letters lined up straight on the block, so the less words the better. I think I'm going to aim for 1 main embellishment per page, hopefully I can manage to think of 14 separate embellishments.

The flower idea came from here using the Beautiful Blooms die. Except my felt is not as nice and fluffy as PTI's. I think I got mine either at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, it was on sale, but technically only like a few cents cheaper than the regular price. The regular felt looked a little fuzzy, so I got the "stiff felt" which yes, is pretty stiff, so it looks more like folded paper or something. I think I want to try the vellum flower next, minus the Glimmer Mist, which I don't own since I can just imagine my son asking "let me try" and making a huge mess. The page looks a little bare, but I couldn't think of anything else to add so I just moved on to the second page.

The photo is a little big since I printed everything at 3x3 and didn't particularly plan on using this fleur de lis pendant from Spellbinders until I saw it lying around. I was practicing cutting with the pendant because it was kind of difficult at first for all the little pieces to cut out nicely until I shimmed it with a piece of cardstock. Ha ha, I even used another piece of scrap ribbon and again, it matched pretty well so I'm glad I saved it! Again, simple, but I think at this point, my goal is to just get it done.


eva said...

so cute! i hope you get to finish it. you really should try the pti felt. it is so nice and the pti dies cut the felt really clean.

Sunghee said...

Awwww, so cute!!! Love the color you used. It didn't look this good on PTI. Now after looking at your album, I want to buy that. Great job, Cheryl!