Monday, October 25, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Christmas!  I love, love, love, love Christmas!  Maybe even more than my kids do.  So much fun with crafting and shopping and buying gifts.  It's a really fun and exciting time for the kids and I love to watch them get excited.  My daughter still believes in Santa.  At what age do we tell her the truth?  Sigh.  I don't want to burst her bubble.  She thinks if she stops believing in him, she won't get any more presents.  Little does she know that it's Mommy and Daddy buying all the gifts.

Anyway, here is a little Christmas project I made.  I just had to make something when all my PTI goodies came the other day.  This is actually the second Christmas craft I made so far.  I'll share the first one on another day.  So this uses all PTI products except for the green baker's twine (which I got at Pineapple Cove).  This is a simple matchbook project.  The cover just slips into the bottom tab to close.

Opened matchbook.  I used PTI's pocket die to hold 5 Xmas labels.

It was a bit of a squeeze cause I didn't leave quite enough room at the top to fold down the cover so I'll have to remember that the next time I make this.  I don't have any dimensions for this as I was just making it like a trial run and hoping I wasn't wasting paper.  I'm glad it worked out though.

Are these like the cutest little stamps?  I knew the Tiny Treats Christmas stamp set would be so cute when I first saw them online and they really are in person too.  They fit perfectly on the Fillable Frames set #9.  And I love the border around the tags too.  It really just adds something extra to the whole label.

So Cheryl wants to know when I make all these crafts?  When my kids are asleep.  My 2 older ones sleep by 8:30 but my youngest is the stubbornest toddler of all time.  I just started trying to have him fall asleep by himself without me lying next to him but he likes to put up a fight.  So I end up reading (with a flashlight) in the room til he falls asleep which can take from 15 minutes on a good night up to an hour on bad nights.  I usually try to sleep by 11 but may stay up till midnight.  So I might craft for about an hour or two almost every night.  I'm so lucky that my hubby helps by washing the dinner dishes, making lunch for himself and the kiddies for the next day and even irons his own clothes.  What a guy!  Or maybe I'm just a good trainer.  Hahaha.  I don't think he reads my blog much.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great week! 


Cheryl said...

What a clever matchbook! Yes, the tags are really cute! Maybe someday I will try some tiny treats. That's so cute about Santa. Glad you have the oldest kid so I can learn from you. Argh, my kid sometimes still doesn't sleep nicely and he's almost six! We tried that too, the sitting near the doorway while he tried to fall asleep. I played a lot of solitaire and poker on my cell phone. Now I have a kindle app on my phone and read some free books. It helps to have a younger one to use as an excuse that I have to go check on her. That's nice that your hubby helps out around the house! Although I think you're really dedicated to crafting. I can watch TV or putter around a lot in the evenings.

Sunghee said...

Cute cute cute! I gotta get some PTI dies.