Friday, October 15, 2010

A Monster Bookmark

Another a little bookmark.  This one I made for my older son.  He loves this stamp from Dandelion Designs!  I think it is super cute too.

Some times when I stare too long at this stamp, I think their eyes could be their nostrils and you could stick some googly eyes on top.  Well, maybe it's just me.

It was my daughter's birthday the other day and I was going crazy trying to find the birthday card I had made for her some weeks ago.  I guess I hid it too well and I forgot where I hid it!  Usually I put all my finished cards into a little filing box but I couldn't find hers.  I searched for a good couple hours every where on my crafting desk and my cabinets and through all my papers.  Still couldn't find it.  And so I told my husband that I thought someone took it!  In retrospect, it sounds a little ridiculous.  So I decided to give her a different card I had made.  I knew that once I wrote in that card that I would find her original birthday card.  Doesn't it always work that way?  And sure enough after I wrote in the card, it sparked a little memory of me placing the card on my jewelry box in my bedroom.  Why did I hide it there?  So in the end my daughter got 2 birthday cards from me this year.  I think I need to exercise my brain more.  My memory is not what it used to be.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 


Cheryl said...

What cute little monsters! Now I can't stop imagining nostrils! Nice grass coloring! I thought I saw 2 of your cards on the birthday gifts photo. I thought your boys signed one or something.

Berenice R. said...

So cute :)

Amy said...

These two are so cute, the kind of monsters I like! After you saying that, yes I can see the eyes being nostrils and being able to put some goggly eyes up higher, LOL!