Friday, October 29, 2010

Stocking Boy Christmas Card

A little while ago, I was so lucky and won some blog candy from Amy Young at A 1000 Sheets of Paper.  I love all the paper and embellishments that she sent over.  So I made this card, totally inspired by the one she made and included with the blog candy.  Her card in person is so pretty.

I used a Tim Holtz embossing folder for the brick look on the red cardstock.  I used his distressing tool to rough up the edges too.  The Christmas tree is felt and cut from a PTI die.  I stuck on the little pearls that Amy had included in the candy.

The stocking has some polar white flower soft added to it as well.  I'm always afraid to color in large areas so I paper pieced Stocking Boy's pjs.

I love this little boy cause he reminds me of my boys especially the older one who is always looking forward to Christmas and the presents of course.

When I was done, I asked my hubby what he thought of this card and he said the red cardstock looked like carpet.  Huh?  Carpet?  So I asked my daughter and she said the red looked like brick for a fireplace.  And that it made sense since the stocking would be hanging on a fireplace.  Yes!! That is why she is my daughter.

Thank you to Amy again for all the candy and for sharing her incredible talent. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween weekend! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Grand Canyon

We took a road trip to the Grand Canyon earlier this month...and this is the resultant scrapbook page. I know, it looks like I just arranged photos on a page, but I forgot to add text on the large photo for the title. And then I didn't know where to place an embellishment that wouldn't obscure the photos, so I just left it plain. The layout is based on a sketch from Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life class that I had signed up for at Big Picture Classes a while back. The idea was that she would go over design principles, you make your own layouts based on her sketches, and then you should end up with a reference album of sorts. I could never keep up with getting the photos printed and doing the weekly assignments. But now, we have a new used photo printer so I was playing around with it. I still think it's difficult to edit and print your own photos. If anyone has any tips, please share! The skin tones still look a little red to me in print. I tinkered a little with free actions from the Pioneer Woman for PSE. Usually I use boost and slight lighten to try and get the skin looking light and yellowish on screen. I use an inexpensive colorimeter to supposedly calibrate the monitor and the color management settings with the printer and a program like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, (for which I downloaded the 30 day free trial), but I can't say that it's making a difference, or maybe I'm not using it correctly. Whatever the case, I've just been printing tiny test prints prior to printing the final.

Technically, the sketch was in landscape orientation and there was supposed to be a title along the bottom of the largest photo, which might look better with an enlargement of the Grand Canyon, but I picked a photo of my kids instead :)

Sidenote: As a little kid, I thought the chawan-bowl haircut was funny, now here I am, cutting my daughter's bangs like that.

Well, that's about it for now. I think that layout took me so long because I had the hardest time deciding which 4 photos to use from the entire trip, and then trying to edit and print everything at the appropriate size as well. OK, only 2 more layouts left to do from week 1, then 11 or so more weeks to go, oh boy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Christmas!  I love, love, love, love Christmas!  Maybe even more than my kids do.  So much fun with crafting and shopping and buying gifts.  It's a really fun and exciting time for the kids and I love to watch them get excited.  My daughter still believes in Santa.  At what age do we tell her the truth?  Sigh.  I don't want to burst her bubble.  She thinks if she stops believing in him, she won't get any more presents.  Little does she know that it's Mommy and Daddy buying all the gifts.

Anyway, here is a little Christmas project I made.  I just had to make something when all my PTI goodies came the other day.  This is actually the second Christmas craft I made so far.  I'll share the first one on another day.  So this uses all PTI products except for the green baker's twine (which I got at Pineapple Cove).  This is a simple matchbook project.  The cover just slips into the bottom tab to close.

Opened matchbook.  I used PTI's pocket die to hold 5 Xmas labels.

It was a bit of a squeeze cause I didn't leave quite enough room at the top to fold down the cover so I'll have to remember that the next time I make this.  I don't have any dimensions for this as I was just making it like a trial run and hoping I wasn't wasting paper.  I'm glad it worked out though.

Are these like the cutest little stamps?  I knew the Tiny Treats Christmas stamp set would be so cute when I first saw them online and they really are in person too.  They fit perfectly on the Fillable Frames set #9.  And I love the border around the tags too.  It really just adds something extra to the whole label.

So Cheryl wants to know when I make all these crafts?  When my kids are asleep.  My 2 older ones sleep by 8:30 but my youngest is the stubbornest toddler of all time.  I just started trying to have him fall asleep by himself without me lying next to him but he likes to put up a fight.  So I end up reading (with a flashlight) in the room til he falls asleep which can take from 15 minutes on a good night up to an hour on bad nights.  I usually try to sleep by 11 but may stay up till midnight.  So I might craft for about an hour or two almost every night.  I'm so lucky that my hubby helps by washing the dinner dishes, making lunch for himself and the kiddies for the next day and even irons his own clothes.  What a guy!  Or maybe I'm just a good trainer.  Hahaha.  I don't think he reads my blog much.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great week! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Prismacolor Hair

Can you believe it?! I actually colored another one! This is an Amelia I bought a while ago, again from that sale at Die Cuts R Us where I stocked up on TGF stamps. I didn't even ink her up until yesterday...I'm such a collector...and I can't resist a good sale. I'm going to try and upload it to the Club Anya WTW Prismacolor gallery later. Anyhow, I actually tried to pick my papers beforehand this time so I could pick corresponding colored pencils. It was an old Basic Grey collection pack, called Oh Baby Girl which I used previously on a baby board book, plus now I had some matching Bazzill cardstock from Embellish It. Except I didn't quite decide on the specific papers until after I colored and then ended up using the most basic patterns in the pack. And now I've forgotten what color pencils I used for the outfit, I think the accessories were Violet. The hair was Dark Umber and Dark Brown. I used Club Anya Jen's suggestion for the skin color, Light Peach for the face, Peach for the outer face, and Blush Pink for the cheeks. I used baby oil to blend, which I think sometimes doesn't dry completely clear, or else my blending stump was a little dirty, but there's a little streak in the middle of the face, which might not be too obvious in the photo. Initially I colored the necklace Violet, but everything seemed a little too purple so I colored over it with my Gelly Roll Stardust pen, which I also used on the star buckle.

I couldn't find a coordinating stamp pad in my collection for a sentiment, so I typed one up. The font is CK Cute, I might have gotten it from a free font Friday from the Creating Keepsakes website, I can't remember. I actually scanned a little piece of the cardstock and patterned paper so I could sample the color for the text and green circle, then put it together in Photoshop Elements, and printed it out. I pretty much left it at that, maybe it could use some kind of embellishment in the corners, or with the sentiment, I don't know, I didn't want to stick something on, then decide it looked funny afterward.
Eva, you're so great with making all the seasonally appropriate Halloween stuff. Which reminds me that I still have to buy some Halloween candy and a pumpkin from the grocery store...hope there are still some left.

taj Easel Card

Hi!  I made a little easel card to participate in ACLP's challenge

I had just bought these Doodlebug papers.  So cute and cheery.

I used a Sizzlits rainbow die.  Clouds are PTI felt as is the cardstock.

Remember these little guys?  My daughter had made cards with these stamps.  I had to used them too.  They are from taj, a local store here in Hawaii.  They have the cutest stamps, stencils, clothes, etc.  I used to buy taj stamps when I was younger too but hadn't for a while until I had kids and revisited the store.  Every time I'm in that store, I want to buy something cause everything is so darn cute!  And these stamps are small enough to fit on the rainbow.

The sentiment, frame, pink ribbon and label die cuts are all from PTI.  I bought the baker's twine from DCRU.  It's a fun little embellishment to use.  I should buy more colors but red seems pretty versatile. 

Well, thank you for reading and have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prismacolor hair

I was so excited to see a Prismacolor pencil tutorial on the Club Anya blog done by Jen here. I decided to get colored pencils way back when, even though they're not as popular as Copics, because the cheap side of me won out when I was able to use a 40% off coupon at Michaels for a set of pencils. Since then, I never mastered colored pencils, so I didn't think it would be wise for me to invest in Copics.

Anyhow, for my first coloring attempt, I used the same Ebony image from Jen's tutorial (I believe I got my stamp from a Die Cuts R Us sale a while ago). I pretty much copied everything she said in the tutorial, using all the same colored pencils for the hair and clothes. It's baby steps for me, I figure I'd better start with following the tutorial before trying to branch out on my own. The tricky part for me is figuring out where the highlights in the hair belong so I wanted to use the same image to be able to follow her example, except it didn't turn out as nice as hers. Somehow my Ebony also looks like she has some gray hair. I couldn't quite find the same blue pencil she mentioned so I just picked one that looked relatively denim like. And I also used baby oil instead of odorless mineral spirits.

I wasn't really planning on making this image into anything, I actually colored her on some scrap cream cardstock that had something else stamped on the other side. But after all that coloring work, I didn't want to toss it aside. So I just stuck it to a card front. I printed out some digital paper from Designer Digitals, Mindy Terasawa's Crazy Beautiful kit (the black polka dot paper for the scalloped rectangle and a floral pattern). Then finally used my Tim Holtz mini stapler. It took me forever to figure out how to load the staples. Then I colored Ebony again, this time with brown hair. (I did try two different characters with different hairstyles which I might post later, I think I have to tinker with the hair, those darn highlights! Plus I better start looking at matching patterned paper rather than just randomly coloring). Again, used some digital patterned paper from Designer Digitals Mindy Terasawa's Noir et Blanc kit and some Papertrey ink hibiscus cardstock. I die cut the circle from a Quickutz set that I bought a really long time ago and used the matching rub-ons. I added little jewels to the flower in the center, which conveniently happened to fit exactly within the flower petals.

Well, that's about it for me. I think I need to go clean off my craft desk and reorganize. I'm so messy, I have half finished stuff scattered all over the place.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Potato House Boxes

One of the first people I ever "met" through blogging was Sunghee.  She creates wonderful templates and is so imaginative.  She can take one template and make a dozen different things.  So I was really happy when she opened her store "Little Potato House."  I decided to try a couple of her templates for boxes for Halloween goodies.

This one is made from her Animal Box Car template.  I decided not to put the wheels on as I plan to fill it with goodies and ship this off to someone.  I hope it doesn't get too banged up in the packing box. 

I love the detailed lid of this--the scallops and the corners.  It comes with a plain lid too.  It's easy to assemble in minutes but doesn't the lid look so fancy?

This box is her Book Shop Card Box.  I made the larger one and it actually is pretty big.  I was able to fit a small pouch, a couple of bookmarks and a little board book with still more room to spare.

I love the lid of this one too.  It's detailed but still easy to put together.

Thank you Sunghee for creating such fun templates, and for sharing your ideas!  You are one thoughtful and generous friend!  

I think these are the last of my Halloween projects.  Hopefully I'll be able to move on to Christmas projects this weekend.  I'm hoping my PTI order comes tomorrow--lots of fun new things to play with.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Slider Card?

I don't know what this kind of a card is called.  I saw it originally HERE last year.  It was made to hold giftcards and I really liked the idea of how the GC would slide out.  It is similar to the one Cheryl made and blogged about HERE.  That tutorial was from Dandelion Designs.  Anyway, I couldn't find any directions on how to make it so I just stared at the pictures on the blog until I got the general idea.  So I altered the dimensions of the card to hold the tattoos above instead of a GC.

I made it for my older son last Halloween so that when you open the flap the tattoo would slide out.  The tattoo was held together by a band that said "Happy Halloween."  Bought a whole bunch of these at Walmart.

I thought I'd make a couple more this year.  I blurred out the names of the kids so they can be surprised if their Mommy happens to be reading this post.  Paper is from Bo Bunny.

I started with a 4.25 x 11 inch piece of cardstock and scored it at 2.5 and 7.5 inches from the left.

I cut a smaller piece 4.25 x 5 inches and scored that at 2 inches from the left.

I cut about 3/8 inch off the sides up to the score line to make like a "T" shape.

Tape the top rectangle of the smaller piece onto the inside of the larger one as shown above.  I also put a small purple brad on each side to close the bottom flap over the smaller piece of cardstock.  I guess you could also just tape it down.  I covered the ends of the brads on the reverse side with a stripof cardstock too so it wouldn't spin around so much.

Tape the tattoo on the small piece of cardstock so that when you open and close the top flap the tattoo slides in and out.

Here is another view of the card.

These were fairly quick to make since I had the one from last year to measure.  It's a good thing my son keeps everything.  It is easy to alter too for whatever you want to place inside and can be embellished how ever you want.  I didn't do any stamping or coloring, just cut out the cute monsters that came in this Halloween line from Bo Bunny.  I bought them on sale at Ben Franklin.  Too cute!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oleander Bookmark

I promise this is my last bookmark!  I had colored this cute stamp, Oleander from Sweet November Stamps, to use on a Halloween card but she fit so nicely on the bookmark.  I love how she looks so innocent and sweet but maybe has something up her sleeve.  I made the little orange tassel to attach on the bookmark.

And green eyes ... for some reason I wanted her to have green eyes.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Monster Bookmark

Another a little bookmark.  This one I made for my older son.  He loves this stamp from Dandelion Designs!  I think it is super cute too.

Some times when I stare too long at this stamp, I think their eyes could be their nostrils and you could stick some googly eyes on top.  Well, maybe it's just me.

It was my daughter's birthday the other day and I was going crazy trying to find the birthday card I had made for her some weeks ago.  I guess I hid it too well and I forgot where I hid it!  Usually I put all my finished cards into a little filing box but I couldn't find hers.  I searched for a good couple hours every where on my crafting desk and my cabinets and through all my papers.  Still couldn't find it.  And so I told my husband that I thought someone took it!  In retrospect, it sounds a little ridiculous.  So I decided to give her a different card I had made.  I knew that once I wrote in that card that I would find her original birthday card.  Doesn't it always work that way?  And sure enough after I wrote in the card, it sparked a little memory of me placing the card on my jewelry box in my bedroom.  Why did I hide it there?  So in the end my daughter got 2 birthday cards from me this year.  I think I need to exercise my brain more.  My memory is not what it used to be.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Million Halloween Bookmarks

At least that is how many it felt like I was making.  I must've cranked that PTI bookmark die through my Big Shot at least 100 times.

Bookmarks for my son's kindergarten class.  At first I was not thinking and I was using my circle nestabilities to cut out the circle one at a time.  Hello!  I do have a circle punch too.  So I used that and it's so much faster for something like this.  The bookmark is made from PTI cardstock on the bottom and then their Halloween paper on top.  I stamped some images using PTI's Tiny Treats Halloween set.  (I love these stamps.  And I can't wait for Tiny Treats Christmas).  The neat thing about the acrylic stamps is that I could bend some of the longer sentiments to be rounded so that it would fit on the circles.  Saw that on PTI so had to give it a try.  My son colored them and he glued everything together.  He helped with the ribbon and I tied on the beads.

My daughter's set of bookmarks.  She did all of the coloring and gluing and the ribbon and beads too.  I helped her with some ribbon tying.

So my 2 year old has to get involved too.

My son also colored in these stamps from TGF's Spooktacular set and cut them out.  He glued them on to the tags that I die cut from Spellbinders tag set.  I was able to cut the tags faster since they are just construction paper so I cut about 4 or 5 at a time.  The "to" and "from" is from TGF's Signature set.

These are the assembled goody bags for his kindergarten class filled with some snacks, Halloween rings, erasers, stickers, pencils and bookmarks.  No goody bags for my daughter's class.  I figure they have outgrown them by now.

That's what we did on some of the days of their one week long fall break.  I love that my kids like to sit around and create things too.  And I'm so happy to have the Halloween treats all done and ready to go early cause before you know it'll be Christmas!  Time flies!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Peek-a-boo!

Hi!  I made this little book for Halloween.  I had actually thought of this one before the counting one.  This one is smaller in size, just 3.5 x 3.5 inches.  It's a lift-the-flap book.

I stamped and cut out the little guys from TGF's Spooktacular set.  I cut 7 pages out, each 3.5 x 7 inches.  Five pages for the stamps and two blank pages, one for the first page and the other for the last page.  It's nice to have some blank pages to write a note or something if you're planning to give it to someone.

I scored all the pages in the middle and glued them together.  I spread the glue around all the way to the edges.  It gets a little messy.  I used the glue pictured above mostly because I had seen it on Sunghee's blog.  She makes great little mini books, albums and templates too.  I think this glue works okay.  Is there a better glue for this type of project?

I used PTI's Mat Stack 4 die.  Trimmed off a bit on the bottom to make a straight edge and then scored it at about 3/8 inch from the bottom.  Made one for each of the little guys to hide behind.  The paper is from My Mind's Eye.  It's double sided so I didn't have to worry about covering the other side and it's thick enough.  I glued each one onto a page and taped the bottom of each die cut paper over the image.

For the cover I cut a piece of cardstock that was just longer than 7 inches and covered it with the paper above from Doodlebug.

I wrapped the cover around the book.  Then scored it at the appropriate places.  Now, I don't know what's better.  To glue everything on the pages first, then wrap the cover around or put the cover on first then glue the pieces in after.  Because when you glue everything in first, the bottom of the book gets fatter than the top and you kind of have to fidget with the cover to get it straight.  I guess I'd have to experiment some more.

But the most important thing to do is not glue the cover onto the spine or onto the entire back page so that the book can open properly.  I kind of experiment on where to glue the back cover and score it appropriately.  For this book I think I messed up a little.  I placed the score line a bit too far.  Look at a real board book for reference.  Then I trimmed off the excess cover.

Pages of the book with the images hidden and then revealed.  I handwrote "peek-a-boo!" by each one.  You could add any kind of wording on the opposite page too.  I chose to keep it simple.  Also, rounded the corners of the book.

So, now that makes 2 little board books in my collection.  I have another one in mind, a TGF ABC book.  That may take a while.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!