Friday, July 11, 2014

more sewing!

Hi everyone!  Thought I'd share some of the things I've been sewing.  I was totally frustrated the past couple days with sewing.  It was driving me crazy!  So many things were going wrong even though I was sewing the same coin purse I had shared here before.  The only difference was the fabric design.  And yesterday I took apart and actually scrapped another coin purse.  So today I took a break from it before I got more frustrated.  The only thing that I got irritated today with was trying to learn GIMP to edit my photos.  Ugh, what a headache too.

So here are the two same ol' coin purses.  But while I was sewing one of these, the needle on my machine actually popped out!  I think it couldn't handle the thickest part by the little tab.  Good thing I could just pop it back in and didn't break the machine.

This is a different pattern that I found HERE.  The only difference is that I chose not to sew the zipper the way she did.  I was too scared that it would be all crooked!  Maybe when I am a bit more experienced.  But I like the size of this.  The only thing that bothered me with this is that I used some iron on backing to make it stiffer and then when I tried to pull all the layers the right way it started to get so wrinkled.  I ironed it again after I was done but doesn't seem to be very smooth looking. 

This is the side view.  It has a boxy bottom.

It opens nice and wide but I don't like how thin the red material is.  I could see through it! 

This is a longer sized pencil case but I'm thinking this a bit too long though my daughter likes it.  You can definitely put a ton of pencils in here!  It was at this point that I started sewing crooked!  I'd start off really close to the zipper and then slowly I'd get farther and farther away.  I felt like banging my head on the table at this point.

Here's the case opened.  I just threw some stuff in there that I had on my desk.

I think I'll have to practice more before I can cut into my nicer fabrics.  It's a good thing I have coloring and stamping to fill my time when sewing isn't working out.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Creations by Shirl said...

Inspite of the little issues you had with sewing them, they absolutely came out beautiful. Keep on doing them and you will make a big hit selling them on your etsy store... Those HK lovers will just go crazy for them...Awesome job Eva!

Cheryl said...

So cute! You sewed those coin purses/bags really fast! They look neatly made! I know those sewing things going wrong! Just looking at a lining and zipper is giving me nightmares. I think it took me 4-5 months to sew that Halloween costume way back when...never tried that again.

Rachel Parys said...

Get out of town!!! So darn adorable!! I need to take some pics of mine and Maddie's latest sewing ventures!! Thanks for sharing!

Handmade Cuties said...

Hi Eva,
These came out amazing! I love the colors, the size and the design. I hate to sew zippers and I think you do an excellent job!

Denice said...

I would never know there was a glitch with the lining....obviously, you got it ironed out, LOL! Such cute cases...wonderful sewing.

Leanne said...

Hey Eva!
These are all so cool. I can't tell either, they look very professional. I'm sure your sewing machine just needs a nice talking to so that things will start straightening out. >.< Keep it up!

Joy said...

These are so cute! Glad the needle didn't break! I used to get scared and then annoyed when that happened!

So talented, you are!