Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sister Stamps Miyako!

Hi!  So I am telling myself not to be too lazy this summer because before you know it, it'll be Christmas!  These days are going by so fast.  I want to try to do something creative everyday.  I hope I can keep up with that goal.  The other day I finished up 9 more little Year of the Sheep calendars using Sister Stamps Sheep stamp.  I think I shared one before so I didn't photograph the set I just made.  Yesterday and today I stamped up Sister Stamps Miyako and just had fun coloring her up.  Now that I have less DT commitments I have more time to just create whatever I feel like!  I kind of missed that. 

So here are the 4 I colored up.  I tried to use colors that I don't use too often for kimonos.  I think mostly I pick pink!  Miyako is such a cute stamp!  And I have a plan for her to go on some calendars along with a cute saying I found on the internet.  Yup, she's not just for Valentine's Day!

I also started coloring up Yoichi because my middle guy is taking Taiko for the summer and I want to make a couple of thank you cards for his teachers. 

I hope you have a great 4th of July!  We're gonna be different and bake a turkey tomorrow instead of grilling.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Leanne said...

Wonderful colorings Eva. Each one is vibrant and pretty.Great idea to start thinking about Christmas projects. I'm such a slacker! Lol... Have great 4th weekend! ^.^

Creations by Shirl said...

Great job Eva~
I'm trying to be more pro-active this year... 2014 was a bit hectic and I don't want to fall in that same stress out mold. So I'm crafting as much as I can and need to refill my stash of cards... I just sold practically all my cards and need to replenish...hehe! Happy 4th~

Jenny said...

Love it!! Hope you son enjoys his taiko!

Denice said...

Simply adorable! How nice to find time for future projects.
Have a fun and safe 4th!

Cheryl said...

Cute variations! Hope you had a great holiday and turkey! It has been too hot to grill! I did BBQ meat last week and standing over the hot grill when it's already hot outside is not fun!