Friday, May 8, 2015

"love" necklaces

Hi all!  It's been a little while, hasn't it?  I really can't believe it is already May.  The school year is almost over and the kids all move up another grade.  It's really too fast.  I was asking the kids the other day why it seems like the months and years go by so quickly but sometimes the week just drags on?  Constantly wishing for Friday to hurry up.

I'm sharing my latest sterling silver necklaces.  They all fall under the theme of love. 

Here is a little heart which is hammered on one side for texture and shine.  I made some earrings with these the last time.

Sorry, still cannot get the hang of taking photos of jewelry.  But I love this simple and minimal style of jewelry.  It's kind of like making CAS cards! 

These are cute little love birds on a branch.  Really sweet.

Another one with an infinity symbol.  You know, cause love is forever!

And last, is a simple circle.  A never ending circle to symbolize love too. 

Okay, so yeah my Etsy store still not open yet.  But I'm working on it!  I have listed most of what I want to.  So now I'll have to double check everything like prices and photos and shipping costs.  I am really tired of taking photos and editing them.  It is a really time consuming process.  But these necklaces and the earrings I made earlier will be in the store.  I'm not gonna say when exactly it'll be open.  I don't wanna jinx myself!

Thanks so much for visiting!


Lynn said...

I like the simple elegance of your jewelry. I think they would do well on an etsy site. You are very ambitious and hard working. I only think about selling online but so far I've only set up a locker box at BFC and I really don't keep it well stocked. Sigh!

Rachel Parys said...

Darling!!! Love all of these!!

Denice said...

Great job on all of these, the birds are my fav. Picture taking is awful, I feel your pain... you got some great shots of the jewelry, will look great on Etsy.

Handmade Cuties said...

Eva, these are just so amazingly beautiful! Can't wait for your shop to open!!!

Cheryl said...

Pretty necklaces! I agree with the less is more, too flashy or heavy jewelry is hard to wear! Yup, can't believe another school year is almost over. Kids will be off to college before you know it!

Niki G said...

Totally in love with your necklaces especially that infinity sign one! We use that symbol for all our family reunions. Please let us know when your Etsy store is open...I'm already standing in line...haha!!

Leanne said...

Hi Eva!
Oh, love them all. How you did the birds boggles my mind, it's so cute. They all are. :)
I really hate taking pictures of my cards, I would probably have the same issue with jewelry. I'm sure you'll figure it out. You usually do. =)
Can't wait to see the new store. Super exciting!!

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