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Craft Fair #2 review and lots of rambling

Hello!  If you've been keeping up with my blog or fb page (personal or business), you know I was at another craft fair, the Moanalua 99 Craft Fair this past Sunday.  It was actually the first time we had been there since 99 Ranch Market closed up so didn't know what it would be like at all.  We like to stalk or check out the fairs before hand and then sign up but this one didn't work out like that.  I was kind of lost even though I had a map!  But the regular vendors were all so nice and they tried to help us find our spot.  Funny that they didn't know what space number they were but just that they always set up in that particular space.  Eventually we found our 5x6 foot space, at least we think that was the right space.

One of the highlights of this fair was meeting Jayne, from Handmade Cuties blog and she has a cute Etsy store called Bead Crumbs too.  You should check it out.  She makes the tiniest and cutest beaded creations.  I have a couple hanging from my phone and people always ask me about them.  We also met another nice lady who knew my husband's Aunty Lianne from Cute Stuff.  Should've ask for her name!

The only drawback of this fair is that the whole area is rather dark inside.  And as luck would have it, not only was it dark but the light above my space was broken!  So double-ly dark for me.  So if we are there again, we need to bring our own lights although I don't know where we'd plug them in.

While I was writing this post, I was finishing up cooking dinner for tonight.  We're having somen salad which is pretty easy to make, just kind of time consuming to chop and prep the ingredients.  I've been cooking a lot lately mostly because our kids are growing and eating so much more!  Dinners that used to last 2 nights, just last one now.  And I'm tired of cooking!  Usually when I'm lazy to cook, I make breakfast for dinner.  You know, like eggs and spam or some other artificial meat in a can.  Or we make omelettes.  My kids love that.  What is your go to dinner when you're lazy to cook?

Oh, here's a sneaky peak at what I'm working on for Sister Stamps latest release coming up in the next few days.  Little shakers for something!  All the sequins and microbeads I used here can be found in my Etsy store.  And I do have more to list but wow, it's so time consuming!  But can't wait to share my projects!

Thanks for stopping by today!


love the shaker cards.... Aw that was no fun in the dark, what about those portable lanterns I seen some cute kind over Target...Good luck on your next fair I'm sure you are going to rock your crafts....
Rachel Parys said…
Wow, you have been a busy girl!!! lol! Trust me, I never have leftovers anymore either, so when I do I do a big happy dance!!!
Bead Crumbs said…
Hi Eva, You're too kind...THANKS! It definitely was my pleasure to finally meet you and see all your pretty products in person. I love the little Joy bags and the Happy Birthday cards that I purchased from you. I used one of the cards as soon as I got home! Yes, I understand the cooking part. Do you feel like you are always preparing food or thinking about what you're going to feed everyone for the next meal? I'm glad you have time to craft and share your amazing projects with us. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to do a craft fair and be in the booth next to you...that would be fun!!! Have a great weekend :)
Leanne said…
Hope you had a good turn out at the show even with the lighting problems. Usually if you want lights you have to pay for it, they hook you up with extension cords, etc... Or you can buy your own battery powered lights, it's just a hassle sometimes. How fun to meet people from blogland IRL.
As far as cooking, ramen is so easy for me. Unless I want to add more stuff to it, hahaha! or the go to breakfast: spam, eggs and rice... yum!
Looking fwd to your new projects with the cute SS stamps. I wonder what you've got up your sleeve, I'm sure it will be mind blowing.
Have a great weekend!!
Denice said…
I hope the craft fair went well, wether it was well lit or not. If nothing else, you'll be well prepared for your next fair and can always leave the lighting in your vehicle if you don't need it. My go to meal is pasta and sauce....because I always make double batches of sauce and freeze it for those nights I just don't want to cook. Store bought meatballs are also a staple in my freezer. YUM!
Cheryl said…
Ack, where have I been, didn't realize you had so many posts that I never commented on! I think cooking (and cleaning up afterward) can be a full time job! Yeah, miss those quick egg dishes...maybe someday soon. We seem to eat tacos and spaghetti a lot... Chicken long rice is pretty fast and easy too, but it can take a long time simmering to get that long rice soft.

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