Monday, August 22, 2016

amigurumi polar bear

Hello!  Monday again!  I was worried about back to school traffic because more schools started today but it wasn't so bad.  It's actually Thursday I'm worried about because that's when my daughter starts and her school definitely adds to the traffic.

Today I have a super cute project to share.  I love this pattern I found HERE.  It is also from the same blog as the star pattern.

See the little white polar bear?  So adorable!  He is hanging out with the star and my new crochet hook and bent needle.  I love that bent needle too.  Such an amazing tool to help with sewing up loose ends and attaching those tiny ears and parts.

Here is a better view.  I used safety eyes again.  And glued felt pieces for his ears and nose.  Usually he is sitting on my desk but I think my boys have taken him.  They love him too.  He is probably sitting in their room somewhere.

Hope you are enjoying the day!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Rachel Parys said...

Look at you go!! That bear is soooooo cute!! Love this project!

Cheryl said...

Awww, what a cute little Guy! Hope your hands have recovered and are feeling better!