Saturday, June 25, 2011

Every Girl Born a Princess

Hi!  Well, that's how it should be anyway.  That's the theme I wanted to convey with this project I created for TGF's Royalty Contest week 4.  I'm kind of addicted to these contests, I think.  Umm, might be the competitive side of me although really I'm a laid-back, calm kind of person.  What do you think, Cheryl?  Anyway, week 4 asks us to use one of the 4Cs (castle, crown or tiara, carriage and/or carats or bling).  I know it says one of the 4 but I did manage to get in all of the 4. 

So, I've been seeing these book card boxes in blogland and wanted to try to make one too.  I saw a tutorial HERE.  If you do a search for them you're likely to find one tutorial or another.  But I wanted this book card to be more than a card because I like functional and practical gifts.  I thought well it's a pretty fancy card to give a person but then what would the person do with it?  So I thought about if for a bit and came up with this baby memory book/box idea. 

A view of the "pages."  Looks like a book doesn't it? 

Another view.

The cover.  I used TGF's girl baby from the Oh Baby set and placed her in a blinged up carriage.  Ha!  I know TGF probably didn't mean baby carriage but it's a carriage.  My DP does have carriages on it as well though.

A little tag to welcome the baby princess into the world.  I found a tutorial and a template for the carriage and a 3D carriage from HERE.  This is one spoiled baby!

A while back when I was planning a friend's baby shower I found this poem (HERE--scroll down a bit) and thought it was a really cute idea so essentially that is what I turned this book card into--a memory box for a baby princess.  I wish I had this when my daughter was born.

A crown that I ended up placing rhinestones on.  It looked like it was missing something so I used my liquid glaze and stuck some rhinestones to make it look more regal.  The crowns were a gift with my order from Stamp and Create.  Isn't that nice of them?  And it came in handy with this project.

Inside.  I should mention my book card is 8x8 inches.  I followed the tutorial but changed the dimensions to the size I wanted.  I think scoring and folding the "pages" accordian style took the longest.

The pages create a pretty sturdy box.  It's just a bit more than an inch deep.  

I created a pocket on the left side to hold some paper that I die cut (from PTI) to jot down simple notes.  The original TGF princess too.

On the right side is her castle of course!  It's a page from Imaginisce Enchanted paper pad.  I covered the top edge of the "pages" with PTI satin ribbon and placed corners with bling too.  I actually used lots of bling on this project.  Must remember to buy more!  Hehe.

The back cover.  I thought I only had one sheet of this cardstock and was really bummed that I didn't have enough for the back.  I thought to myself why did I buy only one sheet??  Usually I buy 2 of every cardstock just in case I want to make a big project.  But I found the 2nd sheet in between some other paper.  Thank goodness!

This ended up being a pretty big project for me since there were so many details.  Hopefully I'll be able to let it go to a nice home.  I do have an idea of who I'd like to send it to.  I hope it survives in the mail.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

Wow, awesome project! Great idea for a new mom/baby! This is the cutest, blingiest thing I've ever seen! Love even the tiny bling on baby's bow! Hmmmm, laid back and calm...if that's what you tell yourself to get through the day...(just kidding! You are one of the most mellow, emotionally stable people I know - that's why we're friends, right?!)

Lorraine said...

Yow, your little memory box is sooo pretty! Everything sweet & girly and definitely princess-y (up to the bling and everything)! And challenges are fun & addicting!

Mimi said...

Super cute memory box! and functional too! Congrats on your "royal" win! TFS! ;)

Lorraine said...
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Lorraine said...

Sorry, got too excited and messed up my post, lol. Let's try again...


faithnme said...

Eva I saw this in TGF gallery and I was like WOW!!! Girlfriend you had me at "BLING".. I totally agree go buy more.. LOTS MORE my "motto" is can NEVER have enough Bling or Sparkle (usually stickles for me hehehehe. All the projects were Amazing.. But hands down.. YOU ROCKED IT...
P.s. I can always give you my address if you need a home for it.. :0)))
Congrats on you WIN and can not wait to see what you and the final 4 will have for us

Hugs and Blessings

Sunghee said...

holy cow~!!! this is so pretty! Love all the bling, and all the details are amazing!!!