Monday, June 13, 2011

Kiss the Girl!

Hi!  After being on vacation for so long I think I've forgotten how to craft and take pictures and blog.  I couldn't remember my set up for taking photos.  Hopefully, it'll come back to me.  Anyway, while away I did see that TGF was having a super fun looking Royalty Contest.  I missed week 1 but thought I could try week 2 which is to use a photo posted on TGF's site as inspiration.  I went with the wedding/wedding cake/couple theme for the inspiration for my card. 

And because I have Disney on my mind, I wanted to portray Ariel and her Prince Eric having a beach wedding. I used my reverse wonky rectangles (cut from some sparkly Stampin' Up cardstock) to make a cake and placed a shell sticker on top.  (The stickers were from Cheryl to my kids but I borrowed a couple).

Here is Mermaid Anya. 

Here is Prince Eric made up of Prince Ian's body and Dress Me Ian's head.  I had Prince Ian's whole body and head all set to go when I got his face all stained so decided to chop his head off and replace it.  And since Prince Ian is digital and I am running out of ink in my printer it wasn't printing very well.

The heart diecut is from Cheery Lynn Designs.  I embossed the letters using my Taj alphabet stencil to spell out kiss the girl (one of the songs from the Little Mermaid movie).  I've had that song in my head all day so decided to go with that.  I rubbed some chalk over the embossed letters to look a little sandy.  I glued the little hearts that were punched out onto the wedding cake.  I also added a little love charm at the top of the card with some twine cause it looked a bit bare on top. 

I'm not sure if I totally love the placement of everything on this card but I think it's still cute.  Definitely need some time to get back into the crafting groove.

Thanks for reading!


sunnysideup/doreensng said...

Wow ! Eva this is cool,Love the colours...cute crab!

Cheryl said...

Ok, so weird, I can comment now if I unclick "stay signed in". Anyhow, cute card and cake! I didn't even realize there was a challenge, I only saw the new princesses on the blog. Love Ariel's hair!

Lorraine said...

Wow, what a beautiful detailed card! And your coloring of the TGF images is gorgeous! Love their hair!