Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I got my Chibi!

Hi!  This morning I woke up to find my Chibi in my email.  Yay!!  I {heart} it so much especially my cute hair.  heehee. 

I had seen a couple of these around blogland and found Kristy's site and her Some Odd Girl stamps which are soooo cute.  I'm waiting for my first stamp to come in the mail.  Then I saw that Lorraine had one too and then I knew I wanted one.  So if you'd like to get Chibi'd (hint hint, Cheryl!), contact Kristy!

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

So cute! Ha! Yes, fabby hair! I still don't know what hair length to go for, I'm in a vicious cycle of grow long for 1 or more years, then chop it all off, so now my hair is shorter than usual

Lorraine said...

Oh Eva, this is SO CUTE! I love it! She did a fantastic job on your Chibi!

donna mikasa said...

so cute, Eva! Can't wait to see Cheryl's!