Sunday, July 10, 2011

School Time

Hi!  Just a quick post since it's getting late.  I wanted to join in on TGF's Mystery Monday for the week and it's almost the deadline.

This is just the cover to the next book I'm planning to make.  This is TGF's Annika, one of my first stamps and also one of my favorites.  She is just so cute!  Anyway, I plan to make this into a 6x6 scrapbook of the elementary school years.  So each couple of pages will be dedicated to a specific grade so you can add that school year's picture and record some special memories. 

Behind Annika is cork that I bought in a 12x12 size and die cut.  It has a sticky back so that was convenient too.  Just wanted to try that since I was at Ben Franklin today and at J's.  Heehee.  Two craft stores in a day but I still didn't get everything I wanted!  J's was already sold out of TGF's Blush line.  Insert sad face here.  Oh well.

Off to bed for me.  Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

So cute! Yeah, Annika is cute, I don't know why I like those bun hair things so much. Love the school accessories on cork! Awwww, well, maybe the stamps will be cheaper if you wait a few months. Good luck with Mystery Monday, maybe you'll win a stamp!

Berenice R. said...

Super cute card! :)

Amy said...

Another awesome project Eva! Great idea and I love the paper mix with the cork...very cool! Annika is such a sweetie and is perfect on here!

Lorraine said...

Oh Eva, this is just too cute! Love the colors, papers, cork and details! Sure to be another beautiful bookl. And what is J's?