Sunday, July 24, 2011

TGF Heart Journal--Week 1

Hi!  My daughter and I spent Saturday afternoon creating our pages for the first week of TGF's Heart Journaling.  The assignment for week 1 is to use the concept of wings.  It was suggested that we try something out of our comfort zone.  So I got out my hubby's art box (yeah, he has an art box!).  He was actually an art minor in college but the supplies in his box haven't been used in years!!  He had a box of pastels so I used those.  My daughter went with watercolors. 

My daughter's page.  She stamped over the watercolors with PTI's Butterfly Dreams and Beautiful Blooms 2.  She also used some permanent markers to draw here and there.  I really like the brightness of her background.  I think sometimes she is shy to express herself creatively so she still needs reassurance to just go with it even if it isn't perfect.  Her goal of perfection--maybe something I passed onto her??  What was that line--embrace imperfection? Sometimes I need to try that too.

Here is my layout.  I used pastels for the background which is probably the first time I used them since like elementary school or something.  I don't know--I kind of felt like I was in art class.  And it was messy!  I am not a messy crafter.  I don't distress a lot or add glitter or emboss everywhere cause it's messy!  And I don't like to get ink on my fingers and I know that sounds strange since I like to stamp.  I wanted it to look a bit darker around the edges and some brightness in the center.  I didn't stamp anything.  I used heart shaped doilies to create my butterflies.  I used permanent markers too.  I dedicated it to my daughter and wrote a little thing for her.  She read it and went "huh?"  That's okay, maybe when she's older she'll get it.  The only thing that gets me is my black butterflies look like moths!  The moths are attacking my butterfly doilies!  I guess it's okay--embrace imperfection.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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Cheryl said...

Great mother-daughter bonding time! Yeah, art box?! Wow, learning new things about you guys even after all these years! Beautiful watercoloring! Love the clouds and the little butterflies with your name! And beautiful coloring with the pastels! So artistic!