Friday, August 12, 2011


Hi!  Since my brother's getting married, I thought I'd try making another card for my parents to give to him and his future wife.  I still can't believe he's getting married.  But what really bugs me is that we don't really know who she is.  I haven't even had a single conversation with her and yet she will be in this family within a matter of days.  Like, really?!  Like no invitation to visit their place or have a cozy dinner, and let me ask you a million questions cause I'm dying to know how it can be that you are marrying my brother when I didn't even know you existed a month ago?!  How does that happen? 

Moving on ...  I used the photo from Paper Smooches August Sparks Challenge.

Just a simple card.  Woodgrain impression (PTI), doily with Congratulations from Paper Smooches Sentiment Sampler, and lots of fuchsia and clear rhinestones.  i wasn't too sure about this card when I first made it but it's growing on me the more I stare at it. 

Thanks for reading!


Cheryl said...

I think you would have to ask your brother those questions as opposed to your future sister-in-law though... You still managed to make a super cute card for them though!

Amy said...

Your card is beautiful Eva, love your design!
I'm like you and I would hope my brother would let us get to know his girlfriend before he married her. I hope you'll be able to get to know her sometime soon!

Lorraine said...

Great take on the challenge photo, Eva! Must be some interesting story on how they met or maybe, crossing fingers, she's amazing and he didn't want to let her get away?! Your parents must be tripping out, lol.

Heidi said...

Tell Oppa congrats from us-- <3