Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TGF Farm Fashionista

Hi!  I decided at the last minute to make something for TGF's Farm Fashionista Challenge.  I wasn't really planning to participate because I'm not really the fashionable person.  I'd much rather buy $100 worth of stamps than designer clothes or shoes.  And I pretty much wear the same style of clothing everyday! 

Anyway, I made a little closet.   

The closet is empty except for some paper clip hangers.  I tried to make hangers out of thin jewelry wire but that was too malleable and wasn't looking so pretty.  So I looked at some paper clips on my desk and turned them into hangers with my jewelry pliers.  The closet rod is a skewer I cut to size and wrapped in washi tape.  I didn't even glue the ends. 

Here is Miss Anya standing in horror at her empty closet.  What is a fashionista's worst nightmare?  An empty closet.  Hahaha.  'Kay, only I might find this humorous.  The sentiment is half of the Say What? found in Roll Call set.

A little close up.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Cheryl said...

Cute closet! The little hangers are adorable! Ha ha, Miss Anya looks cute!

Lorraine said...

OMG, Eva, this is CRAZY CUTE!!! I totally love the idea and your creativity. The hangers rock!

Sunghee said...

Oh my~!! You are soooo clever! Love the closet, and how funny is this! So cute!!!

Chi Tomi said...

I was looking for a closet image on google, and out pops the cutest little thing!

Glad I saw your blog :D

XO, Michi