Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TGF Heart Journaling--week 2

Hi!  So it's week 2 of TGF's Heart Journaling.  The assignment is Sandy Sunshine and the tip this week is to use a bit of texture.  Again my daughter played along but we didn't get to work on them together since we were busy this past weekend. 

My daughter's layout.  She used pastels and stamped some TGF images and colored them in with pastels too.  She added some glittery stickers and glued some beads.  I love her ocean scene!  So pretty!  I really think her perspective is so interesting.  She created this scene as if you are in the water looking towards the sand.  I think most people when creating a beach scene do it the other way--on the beach looking towards the water.

My layout for week 2.  I used pastels too and I just wanted to create a huge sun.  I used some stamps and also washi tape for the sun rays.  I glued a ton of mini beads to the center of the sun.  Then I stuck on these glittery border stickers that Cheryl had given me.  Thanks!  And that was it.

Thanks for reading!


Lorraine said...

Your daughter's journal "scene" is awesome - just like her momma's - the talent must run in the family!

Cheryl said...

You guys are so artsy with the pastels! Cool waves and sun!