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Post-it Easel Card Tutorial

Hi!  Someone had suggested a tutorial for the post-it easel cards I have been making in a couple of my past posts.  So here it is!  These easel cards feature the adorable, lovable TGF Beans!!

Let's get started cause there are a lot of photos!

I made a couple of them!  I know, they are bright!  But I love them bright and cheery!  Glisten Bean is on the left in purple and Shiny Bean is on the right in pink.

11 x 5.25 inch cardstock
5.25 x 5.25 inch cardstock (front of your easel card that you can decorate)
4 x 4 inch cardstock (box for Post-it pad)
3 x 3 inch Post-it note pad
your favorite stamp
pens, velcro (optional)

Score your long cardstock at 5.25 inches, 5.75 inches and 8.25 inches.

After you fold them at the score lines, it should look like this.  Place on the side.

Next, get your 4 x 4 inch piece and score a half inch on all sides.  Then punch a little semi circle on one of the sides.

Fold, then cut the little corners to make into a box.

It should look like this.  Fit your Post-it pad into it.  It will be snug.

When you lay out all the pieces together, it should generally look like this.

When you start decorating your card and are ready to glue/tape the front on, be sure that you only tape/glue that half of the long cardstock!  See above photo.  Lots of times I get so involved and excited about the final project I forget and just tape on the whole front and then can't fold open the easel card!

When it's all decorated, it folds nicely like so.  The finished size when the card is closed is 5.25 x 5.25 inches.  You can play around with the dimensions and adjust things accordingly.  It doesn't have to be this size.

I added a matching gel pen to each card.  I found these packs of gel pens at Walmart for 75 cents!  I added a bit of velcro on the card and around the pen.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for the "tute" Eva. These would surely make nice gifts, favors, etc.
Blankina said…
Wow, I love these Beanies! These colours are so pretty and the hearty paper matches so well and love the tutorial..Thanks for sharing. Must try it too ( when I will have time! )
Hugs Blankina
Denice said…
Love the bright and cheery colors you used on the Beans....and of course the tutorial! It just happens that I'm heading to a store next to Walmart today and might have to pick up a pkg of those pens.
Alyce said…
What a great tutorial Eva! I definitely need to do one of these...gorgeous designs and I just love these cutie pie images...great work! :)
Kim Y. said…
Great tutorial, Eva! Thanks!
Rachel Parys said…
Awesome tutorial Eva! I will have to try this with the little box for the paper, I haven't done that before!
Eva your are the best! Thanks for this awesome tutorial and sharing it with all of us.. I'm going to make me some for gift giving...
Lovely demonstration and so very easy to follow....
Love it my friend....
Joy said…
Really sweet project! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, great photos!
Anonymous said…
You make it look sooo easy...would love to make one of these for myself and to give away. So handy and useful!
Cheryl said…
Cute post it holder! Great tutorial. That little box around the notes is neat! Makes it look more secure.
RiNNE said…
Thanks so much for sharing! Your projects are über cool!! And those beans are adorable!!!!

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