Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chi Chi Memories Post #10

Hello!  We woke up this morning to a power outage.  It was about 5 in the morning when I could hear my kiddies giggling and playing in their room.  Yes, I have super hearing even in my sleep and even though their room is way on the other side of the house and down some stairs.  I thought I was dreaming of course because who wakes up at 5 am on a Sunday morning?  I went down to the room and found my daughter was awake too and all 3 of them were talking story in the dark.  I scolded them to go back to bed!  My boys woke up because their night light went out and it was dark!  Very similar to me.  I woke up cause it was unusually dark in my bedroom too.  We keep a night light too in case our youngest wanders into our room which he occasionally does.  But I realized today that I would much rather sleep in complete darkness.  I am taking that night light out and my youngest can stumble in the dark to our room if he has to.  Thankfully the electricity was up again in time to cook pancakes for breakfast.

Typically, I don't post my Chi Chi Memories project til Friday but this is my last card for them and I didn't want to have a double post since it is Sister Stamps preview week too. 

My last card features the puppy from Winter Sports digi set.  I think I may have gone overboard with the frantage so maybe it's more like a blizzard instead of gently falling snow.  The sentiment is from CC Designs.

While looking for paper to match this cute puppy, I realize I have too many 6x6 paper pads.  So no more paper buying for me ... unless it is Doodlebug.  Haha, there's my disclaimer.  I can't wait for all the new Doodlebug pads to come out.

I am also super excited to share some Sister Stamps projects soon.  It's been a while, hasn't it?  

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Handmade Cuties said...

Love the card. Your animals are always adorable.

Sounds sweet - your kids giggling together at 5 am (but glad it wasn't at my house). I sleep with a night light too but its for the dog to see :( just in case...

No power outage here but it's raining. Gonna go outside and play now.

Enjoy your day!

Denice said...

I can't stand it.....such cuteness in your past couple of posts. Love the images and your coloring makes me swoon!

Lynn said...

Tail-wagging puppy sweetness! Love your color choices. It's hard not to smile at kids enjoying life even at 5am on Sunday!

Cheryl said...

Reminds me that I should set my alarm on my phone or something in case the power goes out and messes up the alarm clock! Cute paper and doggie! Neat frantage, never heard of that product, but looks kind of glittery.