Monday, February 9, 2015

more metal bookmarks!

Hello!  I did some cleaning up of my blog just now.  More tabs and less stuff on my sidebar.  Looks cleaner!

Today I have more metal bookmarks to share.  I made a couple to give as gifts, one for my daughter's English teacher and one for a friend's daughter who loves to read.  The third one was kind of a mistake but I like the way it turned out anyway.

These are the three I made.  I also made a couple of pom poms in school colors to go with the bookmarks.  The one in the middle is the whoops one.  I thought I was stamping an apple at the top but I had the moon instead!  So I went ahead and stamped the whole thing out anyway.  I'll have to think about who I can gift it to.

Here's a close up of the moon quote.  I love the stars!

Here is the one for my friend's daughter.  It's the Dr. Seuss quote about reading and learning.  I also stamped out her name on the bottom but then blurred it for this post.  I love that these can be so personalized!

Here's the one for my daughter's teacher.  The apple is not centered, darn it!  But oh well.  This is personalized with the teacher's name on the bottom.  Stamping these makes me so nervous because I don't want to make a mistake!  Metal blanks are a lot more expensive than cardstock!  But I think I am getting better and more consistent.  I have to just hammer evenly!

I felt really unfocused today during my crafty time.  I really do feel like there are a million things going on in my brain.  Hopefully tomorrow I can concentrate and get things done.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

These turned out TOTALLY AWESOME Eva. They are ALL PERFECT to me. You're on a roll with these bookmarks. BTW, the pom pom looks like Waipahu High colors.
Boy, it's super windy outside. Time to turn off the computer.

Leanne said...

Oh wow Eva!
These are all so cool! I can't see any mistakes on the oopsie one, that's actually cute.
They have a nice charm to them, even the one with the off-center apple. I think it's sweet. They will have it for years to come. Great job!

Rachel Parys said...

These are too cool!! What great gift ideas too!! Love them!

Denice said...

All three of these bookmarks are going to be treasured. The sentiment/guotes are perfect for each intended person. Such awesome gifts.

Cheryl said...

Neat bookmarks! The little images are so cute! The stamping looks good!