Saturday, February 14, 2015

travel size tissue covers

Hello!  Happy Valentine's Day!  It's a very windy day today.  Feels like a hurricane blowing outside.  Plus we got caught in the rain when we went out to run some errands this morning.

Anyway, I have a sewing project to share today.

I made 11 little tissue covers following this great tutorial I found HERE.  There are a lot of tutorials on how to sew these but I like that these have boxed corners and the opening is not centered but off a bit to accommodate the opening of the tissue packets.

This is the first one I sewed for myself.  You can see the tissue packet has its opening near the top and not centered.  

After I made this first one, the cover felt a bit roomy so I made the top opening overlap the bottom just a tiny bit but it still feels a bit loose around the packet.

This one shows the overlap of the opening.  I like that it stays a bit closed instead of opened.  

I think whenever I find a cute project to do, I always want to make a lot of them using all the different fabrics I have.  But I'm glad I'm using the stuff I have.  I'll be hoarding these little covers for a little while and maybe gift them throughout the year.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Love all the cute fabric you used Eva. You're on a roll. We sure had our share of gusty winds here too. It's nice an calm now....whew. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Leanne said...

Oh these are totally cute! Your collection of fabrics is just as cute as your paper collection.
Hope the winds calm down. Happy Valentine's Day! ! xoxo

Rachel Parys said...

Crud, another fantastic project from you that I totally want to make!!! LOL! These are so fun! Maddie and I have these little tissue packages everywhere, and I know we would love to make some of these!! Thanks for sharing!

Creations by Shirl said...

cute idea and pretty fabric!

Denice said... adorable project! I have to say that tissue packs get lost in the bottom of my purse because they get squished...what a great sewing project!

Cheryl said...

Cute tissue covers! It looks nice as a box. Yeah, that's a lot of covers that you sewed! Now you have an excuse to go out and buy more cute fabric now that you used all your stuff up!

Ren said...

Love the overlap! Perfect solution because the one in my bag always gapes open. Great fabrics, too!