Monday, February 16, 2015

personalized composition book cover

Hello!  I have another sewing project to share today.  I have been looking all over the internet for a good tutorial on how to make fabric composition book covers.  I found a good one HERE

I made this cover for my youngest one's teacher.  This fabric is called Hello Tokyo from Robert Kaufman and I purchased it from one my favorite Etsy stores, Stitch Stash Diva.  I added the personalization by using some Heat Bond ultrahold and PTI's alphabet dies.  Usually I would print the name out and cut it all by hand but the letters had to be smaller to fit on the cover so the dies were pretty handy.  I also added some fray block on the letters to keep them more secure.

Here is a side view.  There are a lot of different tutorials out there.  I made this one just a bit different from the tutorial as well.  I wanted to use up the fabric I had already cut into so I made the flaps using the same print.  You can see that in the photo below.  And I didn't quilt this cover but maybe the I'll give that a try on my next one.

This is the flap cover.  I like that you can just replace the composition book and reuse the cover.  Hopefully his teacher will be able to use something like this for notes or whatnot.

Oh, I also wanted to share this little pouch I made out of a LEGO magazine page!  It's kind of like that upcycling Pokemon pouch I made a while ago.  I really wanted to try to make more pouches using snack bags and candy bags but I can't really get the smell out even after washing them a number of times.  I don't have a dishwasher which I think would take out a lot of the food smell in the wrappers.  But then I got this light bulb moment after reading something and tried it out.  The page is covered on both sides with clear contact paper and just simply sewn together. 

There's a little velcro to hold the flap together.  I'm thinking about making a bunch of these to hold some treats for end of the school year gifts for the boys' classes.  Simple and functional, and not too costly since we get the magazines for free.  I still have a huge roll of contact paper too.  Just have to think about what to fill these with since they are a little skinny.  I think you could easily do these with some fun wrapping paper too! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Creations by Shirl said...

That is one pretty fabric cover Eva.... You rock your sewing in all those cute stuff you've been making.... Great job on showcasing them and I'm sure other's that will be popping in will be inspired by all your awesome work...

Denice said...

OMG, the fabric on the composition book is is the cover. Such a cute project.

Adorable little pouch...what a fun and economical way to send a treat!

Lynn said...

Wowee! You've been busy making gorgeous craft projects. I love the tissue holders, Lego recycled project, and cloth tablet cover. You are such a talented and creative seamstress. When I see what you make I am tempted to dust off my sewing machine and see if it still works LOL!

Rachel Parys said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!! Once again, you have come up with some fantastic projects!! The cover is so adorable, and the Lego magazine pouch is totally cool!! Love both of these!!!

Leanne said...

Whoa!!! These are awesome!! You are the queen of well everything. hehehe! These are both fabulous projects Eva! The cover is kawaii and fits perfectly. I bet his teacher will love it!
As for the ninjago pouches, totally cool! I don't know what the in snack is for the kids now a-days is but I'm sure you'll find something perfect. Way cool share!!

Cheryl said...

Neat book cover! Handy that it's reusable. Nice fabric too, I like that Japanese print! Neat Lego pouch too! Contact paper sounds sturdier than food wrappers.