Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day treats

Hi everyone!  I finished up some crafts this weekend including the Valentine's for my youngest one's classmates.  I mentioned before how I had bought Papertrey Ink's Love You to Pieces: Airplane and die set to make this year's Valentine's.  I'm still not very happy with this set and how it does not work well (for me) with PTI's coasters.

Because I couldn't get the die to cut the coaster through evenly, I had to improvise and use some thin chipboard I have that I usually use for the backs of the calendars I make.  Not really happy with using brown chipboard but oh well.  And then stamping on the colors was not so great either.  I wanted to buy new red and blue ink pads but couldn't get to Ben Franklin and so I bought a small square of each color from Walmart.  It was Studio G brand and it's just kind of bad.  The ink doesn't stamp or dry well and stains the stamp like crazy.  I actually soaked the stamps overnight to try to get most of the ink stains off.  So hassles!

I packed them all into bags with the directions that you can download from PTI and then made the tags using the stamp set.  Kind of bummers that I probably won't use this set again.  What an expensive Valentine's this year!  I just hope the kids can punch all the pieces out and assemble the plane nicely.  And they don't fly so that's not so great either.  I'll need to think of a better Valentine's idea for next year. 

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Rachel Parys said...

Well, I give you an A for effort!! I think they look great, and the kids won't know you weren't happy with the ink! It sucks when you spend a lot of money on something like that, and it doesn't end up working well, so sorry. I still think they are perfect for the kids!!

Denice said...

What a cute die set....such a bummer that it didn't work out so well for you. Maybe you can find some thick cardstock that work instead of the chipboard.
It's an adorably creative gift that the kids will love and remember.

Cheryl said...

They still look cute, even in brown! At least you didn't have to use "Cheerios" or "Kleenex." And you stamped everything so nicely too! That looks difficult to line the stamps up with the pieces. Yeah, I hate that ink staining! Seems like the only thing that will get the ink off is when you try to use a different color and then it stains the other ink pad! Ha, that cracks me up that it doesn't fly too. I'm pretty sure all the kids will try to throw it.

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

I can see you put a lot of effort into your Valentine's Day project and do think you did a fab job. Your son's classmates will really be thrilled.

Lynn said...

Don't worry; the kids will be thrilled to just get a Valentine's Day gift. You are an awesome mother. Now that lots of schools don't allow sweet treats it is difficult to find something suitable for a small student gift. I'm so impressed with all the effort you put into this project. I love the kraft color because it looks vintage. Thumbs up Eva!

Leanne said...

What a cool idea!! Bummer that the die didn't work so well, but it still looks cool. I'm sure the kids will enjoy putting these together and if not fly for real, pretend flying! Zoom!! :)