Friday, August 21, 2015

fabric wine bottle bags

Hello!  Wow, it is a hot day today!  It's actually been very hot every day the past few weeks and I can't wait til it starts to cool down.  It's hard to craft or sew or do anything in this weather.

Anyway, today I'm sharing my fabric wine bottle bags.  I looked at a few tutorials online to see about sizing.  A lot of choices come up in a simple Google search.  So these bags will fit a standard 750 ml size bottle.  Not those huge Costco size ones.

Here is my first pair.  The fabric for all these bags are from Penny Rose Little Joys.  They have that vintage look.  But they also remind me of Japanese fabric prints.  So cute.  I paired them with Avery Elle's Cheers stamp set and used just a couple of sentiments on the kraft tags.  I got a great deal, I think, on this stamp set since it was on sale and shipping was only a couple of dollars or so from  I'm surprised at how some places will charge more than $6 for shipping on one stamp set.  Just doesn't seem worth it and makes me empty my shopping cart and look else where.

This is my second pair.  I had to just switch the fabrics because my hubby didn't have too many bottles of liquor on hand that would fit.  So it's the same 2 bottles.  I love this print too.

I wasn't sure if I should leave the top up or cuff them down.  I kind of like showing the inner fabric too.  I just got different fabric so maybe I'll make more of these.  I might list them on my etsy store or not.  Ha, I haven't decided yet.  I think I would take these to my next craft fair.  Each set would include the bag, tag and ribbon to make gift giving a little easier.  You have to provide the wine!  Or your choice of beverage!

Thanks so much for visiting today!


Lynn said...

I really envy your sewing ability and skill in learning things from the internet. It's amazing how you discover and create so many cool craft items to sell at the fairs.

Rachel Parys said...

Genius!! I love these!!

Denice said...

I just love these, they are perfect for gift giving! Adorable fabric too!

Cheryl said...

Oh, I didn't know they had Costco size wine bottles, ha! Cute Xmas prints! Would that look weird to bring all your crafty stuff to the mall or library or someplace air conditioned?! I feel all sweaty and sticky just thinking about it! Hopefully it will pass soon!

Leanne said...

I know what you mean about hot!! UGH, it's scorching over here with no relief in site. I really wish I was at work where the A/C is blasting!! hahaha! Hope you get some relief soon.
These are really cool Eva. They really make gift giving in a bottle perfectly. Hope you get these in to the shop as like a one day flash sale. hahaha!!