Monday, August 3, 2015

kawaii supplies -- sequins!

Hello!  Just wanted to share that my Etsy store is open again.  There are less cards available so I'll have to make more.  But I did add in another section called kawaii supplies and my first additions are tiny little sequins.

These are 5 mm snowflake sequins.  They are very sparkly, tiny and so cute.  I can imagine lots of Christmas themed shaker cards with these.  I am still experimenting with taking photos of sequins.  So hard to get just the right lighting and then not to make them overblown during the photo editing.

These are about 3-4 mm stars and hollow stars.  These are very cute too.

Here is a pink version of the stars and hollow stars mix.  Again, these are tiny.

And the last set I added are pink hearts and hollow hearts.  They are also about 3-4 mm.  If you're interested in these just click on my Etsy store found on the side bar.

I'm hoping to add more supplies into my store and still also make handmade products.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Denice said...

Love these...I need to take a look.

Leanne said...

These are soo cute and tiny!! Can't wait to see what other kawaii stuff you're putting in the store! Yay!