Friday, August 14, 2015

more sequins!

Hello!  So sorry, I am not very good with blogging these days.  I spent about 2 weeks sewing 8 tote bags in 3 different sizes.  Two more tote bags to go.  I also sewed up 6 pot holders and 4 fabric wine bags.  Lots to share but not today.  Ha, I'm not ready yet. 

The only thing I can share today is the sequins I just got and sorted.  Yes, I sort the sequins!  It's pretty time consuming and also gives me a sore back and shoulder.  But I don't want to pack up those tiny broken bits that are floating in the package and I try to pick out the deformed ones.

These are super tiny 3 mm flower shaped sequins.  Or confetti or glitter or whatever you'd like to call them.  They are so cute.

I just listed them in my etsy store.

Oh, did I blog about this one?  I love these too.  They are super tiny about 1 mm.  They are tiny little beads you can also mix into your shaker cards with sequins.  Or use them in resin crafts.  I think some people even put these on their nails!

I have other items to list as well.  I got my next batch of clothespins in white, pink and blue.  Just need to photo and list.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Next time I will share my potholders/wine bags.


Rachel Parys said...

*Grabby hands*!!!

Bead Crumbs said...

Your eye sight must be really good. Wow..customer's sure can expect quality from you!!! Much success on Etsy :)

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

OMG, you sorted all of those itty bitty sequins??? You are so patient. Both sequins and beads would look great in any shaker card. Can't wait to see your potholders and wine bags. Have a happy and crafty week.

Denice said...

More beads?!! Lucky us! I'll be checking out our Etsy site soon....I want to put everything in one order. :Dxx

Leanne said...

Talk about going above and beyond!! That's awesome! I'll be visiting the site soon.