Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crocheted Kids' Hats

Hi!  For some reason this font seems huge but I think it's the same as usual.  Everything looks different since we've changed our computer.  So I also had to reset my watermark but I don't have that cute font I used to have before.  For now, this will do. 

Anyway, for Xmas I also crocheted some little hats.  It's the same pattern as the one I mentioned in this post.  Since the hat looked a little girly, I thought I'd pick some pinkish yarn instead and decided to give these hats to some little girls on our Xmas list.  I actually made 6 of these but already packed up 2 before I took this picture.

I hope the hats fit!  But the yarn is stretchy so it should conform to their heads.  The yarn is a recycled organic yarn too that I bought at Lion Brand Yarn online. 

Here's the hat on my daughter's doll.  Fits her nicely even with all that hair she has. 

Hope you're all done with Xmas shopping!  I'm still finishing up some last minute gifts!  Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Lorraine said...

These are so cute! You are so crafty talented!

Cheryl said...

What cute hats! Sort of reminds me of those beer can hats, ever seen those before? Might have been from the 70's or before. Ha ha, like your hat model! The font looks the same to me. I was going to ask you about your new computer, I never heard of it though, too techie for me.

eva said...

yeah, i know those hats. i think the hubby still has one. hahaha.