Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Million Pairs of Mittens (part 2)

Hi!  Here are the mittens we made for my daughter's class.  Twenty-seven pairs in all.  My daughter placed 2 mini candy canes in each mitten.  Usually we don't give goody bags for my daughter's class cause now that she's in the 4th grade, I'm thinking they're not too into those kinds of things.  But my daughter really wanted to make something for her class and this was relatively inexpensive.  Time consuming, yes, but expensive, no.  Basically, I would cut and glue at least 10 pairs of mittens for 5 nights and then slowly also stitch them one pair at a time.  My older 2 kids got to glue on the rick rack felt pieces but they had to use a lot of Elmer's glue.  Even then, some wouldn't stick very well so I'd have to go back and use the Liquid Stitch. 

I hung some on the tree to see how they would look.  I think our tree is already dying.  What's the secret to keeping a tree fresh?

I made a few extra pairs of mittens.  That'll be for another post.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Cheryl said...

I think the 4th graders will be even more excited to receive something, seems like they don't do as many celebrations, at least at our school, once they start to get older. I would like to know, our Xmas tree is not even a week old. I think it was dying from day 1, it didn't suck up any water the first night even though they cut the trunk. I think over the last 5 or so years, only 1 Xmas tree needed watering. Maybe the type of tree makes a difference too, we usually get a Douglas fir. I think we bought a tiny noble fir a long time ago when we put the tree on a table so our kid wouldn't pull off the ornaments, but I don't remember if it fared any better.

Cheryl said...

P.S. The mittens look cute on the tree!