Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laundry Day

Hi!  Before I get into this card I wanted to congratulate Cheryl on winning the Club Anya & Friends Saturday Sketch from last week.  Yay!  I guess maybe some people who visit our blog don't realize that Cheryl and I share this blog and we both post projects.  Well, back to the card.  I made it for CAF Mystery Monday mostly because I am doing what Cheryl is doing and trying to ink up all my unused stamps.  TGF's Laundry has been sitting in my box for some time now just like our real laundry that's in the living room right now waiting to be folded.  I know how she feels.  With the 5 of us, we have a ton of laundry.  Sometimes I think I'm washing clothes every day! 

I bought the DP just for this stamp too.  It is from My Little Shoebox and I cut the little birdie out from a different DP from the same line.

I was a little worried that it would look like the birdie is pecking at her head.  Hahaha. 

I did get to play with my Cinch a bit tonight.  It is so easy to use!  I have to think of what other projects I can make now.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

Thanks, but lucky me, the Club Anya thing was random. You can think of this as your blog and I'm the guest poster. There's no way I can keep up with making and posting things, even trying to make something every weekend is starting to sound tiring.
Anyhow, cute card! Cute embellishment on the side! Yes, I would like to close my eyes and sleep on my laundry too. Don't remind me about the laundry I still have to do too.

Lorraine said...

Congrats to Cheryl!
Eva, your card is so adorable! I love the colors you used - she's so bright & colorful - and she looks happy, not like me when I am looking at the laundry, lol. Oh and no, the bird does not look like it's pecking her head, lol.

Sunghee said...

Haha, that birdie! washing is okay, but the folding never ends! And why do kids like to change their close 100 times a day!
Congrats Cheryl!

sunnysideup said...

Congrats to you Cheryl! Its a very sweet card.Eva,love the paper you chose for this picture ,she looks so cute!