Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Hello again. I'm surprising myself by making so many cards. I think my free time is directly proportional to my husband's free time...when he's free to watch the kids! He can watch football and the kids at the same time, right? I think this is my last thank you card. There's no more son vs. daughter card, they're all getting combined into one card now.

Anyhow, here's another card based on the Saturday Sketch on the Club Anya blog.

It's the Creeper, Monday (thanks, Eva, again!). My son said "she's staring at me with scary eyes!" But I think she's cute. I even tried to give her some green eyeshadow. I don't know if I was supposed to color in some irises or not. Now that I see the colored picture at the Greeting Farm store, I realize I colored her outfit strangely. Right after I colored her right shoulder and chest area with a green pencil, I realized it was supposed to be skin. So I colored it over with black and pretended she was wearing a black turtleneck shirt under the tie-on baggy striped shirt. I guess I need to work on experimenting with different colored hair. I always color black or brown hair since I already know which pencils to use.

Anyhow, the patterened paper is from the Basic Grey Urban Couture pack with matching Bazzill cardstock. Again, a super old paper pack, but I think I got it on clearance. I've been a hoarder, I feel like I don't want to cut into a nice brand new sheet of pretty paper, but I'm gradually getting over it. I even cut some of the matching ribbon. But I tied the bow like 4 or 5 times so it would be in a place where I wasn't wasting too much ribbon on the right edge. Plus it took forever fiddling with the ribbon to get everything lined up nicely so the red stripe was on top for the tails and the bow. I tried the 2 bunny ear loops tied together method for this particular bow. I think next time I should try the shoelace bow and see if that's any easier.

Took me a while to decide what to use for the decoration at the bow area. Plus trying to put a sentiment somewhere. Then I remembered that tiny "thanks" stamp so now there is a green thanks bouquet. I got a bit carried away with the white Sharpie poster paint pen. That's why the flowers look a little messed up because I drew on them after I already stuck them down with the foam adhesive. I was debating about trying my sewing machine for the border, but then I thought it would be faster to draw. Plus I would be really mad if I messed up the sewing on my cute patterned paper that I already cut down to size.
Anyhow, next I need to start on some birthday cards. But I'm going to wait for my PTI Big Birthday Wishes stamp set to come first.


eva said...

i like this a lot--nice papers and bow! i haven't even used this stamp. i bought it cause the kids thought i look like her when i'm mad. hahaha. i liked this sketch too. i hope i can make some cards this weekend.

donna mikasa said...

Happy New Year to you and Eva! Love your card and the reds + browns! And the bow looks perfect to me....

Lorraine said...

Your card is adorable! Love the colors you used and that image - and wouldn't have known about the clothes oops until you said something, lol. Also love the faux stitching and the distressed edges.