Monday, May 27, 2013

A birthday

Hello!  I've been busy making a lot of teacher stuff.  You know with 3 kids there is an endless amount of teachers!  I try not to get too carried away.  I have to wrap a few more gifts and I should be done.  But I'll have to share those on another day.  Today I have a birthday project to share.  It's my cousin's birthday so I thought I'd make a little something for her.

This stamp is another Uptown Girl called Isabelle loves her ice cream.  She's such a fun stamp and the sentiment is funny too.  If only the sentiment were true.  I made an envelope to hold a gift certificate.

I stamped the sentiment onto vellum and used some heat to quicken up the drying process.  I should've left the vellum to cool down a bit before gluing it on cause then it got all wonky.  Sigh.

So did any of you watch The Vampire Diaries?  Happy that Damon and Elena have a chance to be together but did you see how sad Stefan was?  I was so sad!  And then to be trapped in a coffin and thrown into the water?  It was definitely not his day.

Do any of you watch Long Island Medium?  The spirits always send such happy and reassuring messages.  Aren't there any disgruntled spirits that want to tell their relatives that they're pissed off or something?  Just wondering.

Time to get back to more coloring and doing some DT stuff!  Have a great Memorial Day!

Thanks for reading!



Creations by Shirl said...

love all the delicious colors of the ice cream cone... Pretty card Eva!

Leanne said...

Pretty card! Your cousin is going to love it, wonky sentiment and all. :D
I was able to watch the season finale of VD and then had to ask my co-worker to explain. lol. I now know that I need to find them all to watch and catch up. oi vay. but the part about stefan was bad, now you have to wait a whole season to see what happens. maybe i can catch up by then.
have a great Memorial Day Monday!


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Love this sweet card which I'll bet your cousin will enjoy. The gigantic ice cream cone sure looks yummy too.

Blankina said...

What a cutie, love this stamp and sentiment..sigh yes would be nice about the calories..

Love your colouring,

HUgs Blankina

Cheryl said...

So cute! Yum, ice cream! Love the bright pretty colors! Hmmm, I guess I need to find more online shows now that the season finales are over for the 2 shows I usually watch.

Rachel Parys said...

OMG, it's like we're connected! LOVE Vampire Diaries! I was super happy for Damon to get the girl, even though Elena gets on my nerves. (big Damon fan!!) Love Long Island Medium too! That lady is so interesting!

Great card! I just bought a few of these stamps myself! Finishing last teacher gift has been never-ending....

Denice said...

I have to agree...I wish the sentiment was true!! What a sweet image, and the bow makes me say, "WOWZA!!!"

I've only watched 3 seasons of Vampire Diaries...Damon is soooo cute I can't stand it! LOL!