Sunday, April 24, 2011

An alligator, a hippo and a penguin ...

Hi!  Happy Easter!  Today I want to share the three little animals I crocheted for my kids for Easter.  I had posted HERE some crocheted Easter baskets and an amigurumi bunny.  That's when my kids saw this book I had called Easy Crochet Critters to crochet amigurumi animals.  It's a book by Vanna White!  Yes, the same Vanna from Wheel of Fortune!  I bought my book from Lion Brand Yarn.  Anyway, the kids requested some animals and I think I had told them maybe for Easter.  So my middle one kept asking me if I had made him the alligator yet and I still wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise so I kept telling him no.  So Easter morning they'll all be surprised!  I'm hoping I can hide them somewhere and maybe make a little treasure hunt out of it.

Here's the alligator for my middle one.  And I finally tracked down some safety eyes.  I had to order them at Etsy from HERE.  The prices seemed reasonable and the service very quick.  I think I like these eyes better than the beads I sewed onto the bunny.  This particular store also had safety eyes in all sorts of colors.  Pretty neat.

Here's the alligator fighting off some Ninjas!  Hahaha, my hubby took these photos for me.

Some views of the hippo for my youngest.

Hippo's turn to fight the Ninjas!

A sweet, purple penguin for my oldest.  This is my favorite and it's not in the book I mentioned above but the pattern can be found on Lion Brand Yarn's website.  It's pattern number 70583.  I decided to go with purple since that is her favorite color.  This penguin is round like a ball.  Super cute!

Sorry, no fighting for the penguin.  The three new friends together.

And a shot of their behinds.  Heehee.

Thanks for reading and hope you're having a great weekend.  We're lucky, the kids get one more day off on Monday.  Now I'm off to think of some clever rhymes for this Easter treasure hunt.


Cheryl said...

The animals are sooooo adorable! That round puffball penguin is my favorite too! Have a nice Easter and treasure hunt!

Sunghee said...

awww~!!! no way!!! they are so cute! I wish I can crochette. I bought a arugurumi book, and my son has been asking me to make some, but i dont knwo how to. Cute~~~ Hippo is my fav. Hope you guys had fun easter!

Lorraine said...

Oh these are just so adorable! Love them and I bet your kids did, too!

Andrea M said...

OMG Eva!! These are too CUTE for words!!! I must look up the awesome patterns!! Although, I doubt mine will be as AMAZING as yours!!! Love the butt shot too tee, hee!!! Thanks for the inspiration!