Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easter Baskets

Hi!  I crocheted these Easter baskets after Christmas when I was tired of making Christmas gifts and needed a break from stamping.  The pattern number is L0136AD from Lion Brand Yarn.  They are only about 6 inches wide so a cute little basket for little kids.

I also crocheted an amigurumi bunny to go in the basket.  ETA:  Sorry, forgot to add that the pattern for the bunny is also from Lion Brand Yarns (60480).  Amigurumi are small and seem quick to make but for me it takes a while cause they are so small.  You crochet all the little body parts separately and then sew them together.  Sometimes I'm not that patient.  So this bunny took me several days.  I'm contemplating making another one cause there are 2 little girls we give Easter baskets too and I can't give one a bunny and not the other.

The ears are large and floppy and I sewed beads on for eyes but maybe that makes him look kind of scary.  I'm looking for safety eyes to use for little projects like this but haven't found any here so maybe I'll have to search online.  I already have requests by my kids to make an alligator and a hippo and a penguin.  Geez, it never ends. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


Cheryl said...

What cute baskets! That bunny is adorable!

Sunghee said...

This is soo adorable! I just bought a amigurumi knit book from costco yesterday and hope to make something from it rather than use it as a picture book.

Lorraine said...

Oh that is so sweet and I love that little bunny! I'm waiting for you to come back and show us the hippo, alligator & penguin, lol! Such talent!

xveronicax said...

thx, i will try :3